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    refresh rate, hotkey presets, display options gone


      why, why, WHY?

      simple stuff super useful (maybe not for everybody but why remove it!?)

      no more preset hotkeys?!

      no more desktop properties?

      common display tasks?

      why?? tell me why would you remove all those features?! this crimson software is a pain to use!

      performance gain anyway is soooooooo small, gain 5 fps on crysis and 0 on star wars battlefront hurray! and no more hotkeys and really useful tasks!

      so much disappointment on this software... got 4 displays and a TV plugged to my 295x2... now everything is such a pain in the A! have to use windows configuration instead of doing everything with a simple hotkey..thanks amd! going to the green team next time I guess


      Asus R4E

      i7 5930k

      64GB corsair dominator

      1200i corsair PS

      windows 10

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          Same issue here, unable to assign hotkeys for presets and Desktop management feature is completely missing from the latest AMD Crimson driver package. Reverted back to Catalyst 15.7 driver package due to these issues.

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            Same here, I had profiles with hotkeys setup to change to different monitor configurations and now I have to go into the windows Display Settings which is mind bogglingly idiotic. I also had profiles setup to change the fan speeds for which I wrote a program to execute these profiles based on the game that was running although this can now be accomplished by Crimson.


            At the moment I'm considering rolling back to the latest beta driver but will wait a day or 2 to see whether there is going to be a response from AMD

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              ok lets put it this way, my question is, HOW do I chose what monitor I want to use?


              how do I change the refresh rate of my monitor because its clearly not automatically runing at 144hz?


              how can I use hotkeys for my multiple presets with diferent monitor, res, tv and eyefinity setups?


              I use to do all this with CCC, now, how to do it with this fantastic Crimson wich has until now only brought me headaches?


              Also, why setups from the advance settings seem to contradict some times the "crimson UI" settings? for example when trying to set up eyefinity (I do it in one and the other seems to not received the memo and thing that its still only one monitor and prompts me to create an eyefinity setup...and nowhere to disable monitors so stuck on eyefinity.. unless I use windows display settings...)


              so could you please answer my 5 questions please? thanks

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                I support ATI and AMD for a while now and I waited those new drivers impatiently.


                But if AMD doesn't do an official statement about all this bugs and missing options soon, i'll think of turning to Nvidia.

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                  To me these features are too common to be missing on negligence, so this must be a glitch with the driver installer or a bug with the new control panel software itself. Would be good to get confirmation on this from AMD or from people who do not have issues with the Crimson drivers. 

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                    I also use the presets to change between eyefinity and individual desktops quite regularly.


                    The presets are still there but hotkeys are no more. If you open additional settings, it launches what resembles the old app, presets are there.

                    I tried setting a new one, no option for a hot key.


                    PLEASE FIX!!!!!!

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                      amd doesn't read the forums do they?

                      im going to get some nvidia cards. lesson learned.

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                        This is so bogus coming from a AMD product. 40 min pissing around to find out that the hotkeys are no longer a part of the software, I thought I broke something.  Thank you for this post otherwise i might still be looking for "how to hotkey ati" and only getting tutorials from 2011. 

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                          I previously removed the crimson software out of frustration. Decided to give it another shot and found a solution I can live with.


                          As a work around using only the Crimson Software, you can click on the display tab, then additional settings and pin the opened window to you taskbar. So now you only have to right click the taskbar icon and select the preset profile you want to use.


                          I use this to switch between eyefinity and extended modes for the time being until the profile hot keys are readded or right click preset profile menus are added back into radeon setting taskbar icon.

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                            I have a fix for this. I've done some extensive research and testing and found that profiles can be activated through the command line in Windows.

                            "C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD\CNext\CCCSlim\CLI.exe" Start Load profilename="PROFILE_NAME_HERE"

                            Now what you can do is make a shortcut to this. Right click on your desktop, or wherever you want this shortcut to be saved and then click on New->Shortcut. Then you need to copy the command above this text and paste it into the location box for your new shortcut, and remember to change the last part to the name of your profile. Once you've done this, click next and choose a name for your shortcut, then click Finish. Now this is a shortcut and can be double-clicked like any other shortcut and it will activate your display profile.

                            Optionally, you can also add a keyboard shortcut to your new shortcut. If you would like to do this, right-click on your shortcut and choose "Properties", usually at the bottom, and click on the "Shortcut key" box and press your desired keyboard shortcut. You can now click OK and this shortcut will be activated every time you press your chosen shortcut.

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                              Totally agree with this thread. We need the hotkeys back!. Im currently sticking with catalyst simply because i cannot do without the hotkeys.


                              @ AMD, try switching between eyefinity groups and normal display yourself, and then tell us that is easy? I think not.

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                                It's been over a month since AMD is aware of the problem and did not deign to answer. I have always preferred AMD to Nvidia to design my pc and those of my clients. The disappearance of hotkeys caused me huge problems with screens management. If I can not use the preset hotkeys or desktop properties, I switch to Nvidia and I would encourage everyone to do the same.

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                                  So, five months later.  Do we have hotkey support yet?  Can I update my drivers from Catalyst yet?

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                                    Come on this is just basic sense!! Hot key for different display set ups!!! its not hard to add this to the ui so what the hell are AMD  playing at???

                                    I've been using out dated drivers just to keep this function working but had to update to keep other applications working i.e game


                                    we dont all just use our pc's for either gaming of video play back!!! this thread has NOT been answered by a work around


                                    FIX IT!!!!

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                                        I´m at the same opinion that a workaround is not as the same as fully functional AMD Crimson Software.


                                        Would also like to see Monitor Refresh settings brought from "Dislplay"  Additional Settings(which opens old CCC) under Radeon Settings->"Display", as would be expected from fully functional Crimson Software.

                                        Also the drivers are getting messed up once in a while, and my ASUS MG279Q monitor defaults to 60Hz and even under "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display\Screen Resolution" Advanced Settings-> Monitor I don´t see anything but 60Hz. Have to restart PC to get the list of all refresh rates which includes my preferred 144Hz refresh rate. And for that I have to go again through loops.


                                        I get it that at first the Crimson was pushed out and there´s things to do first like fixing bugs and managing DX12 and VR support but buying a Fury X I´d expect some support for my current setup:


                                        i5 3570K

                                        MSI z77-GD65

                                        8GB RAM

                                        Fury X(Club 3d)

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                                          so I installed again this Crimshi%ç, and yeah.. still same dumb proof stuff, no advanced options, no hotkeys. thank god this is my last amd card!

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                                          They never worked right off and on for years anyways. You experienced a glitchy update where they did work once, just like I have seen a  few of. I know cause i owned AMD for a while but heres a thread started in 2011 going into 2014 where nothing was fixed correctly and a dev stated it didnt work.


                                          CCC Profiles/Presets

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                                            Desktop Color: Radeon Settings has added the option to launch the operating systems color page via the new "Desktop Color" button which is available in the "Display" tab in Radeon Settings for supported configurations.


                                            This doesn't cut it.  Winblows gamma and colour options are primitive and inflexible at best, and the colour options in most games, at least older ones, are also inadequate.  That button is a bad joke.  We need real brightness, contrast and gamma configuration options that can be applied on a per application basis.  If we don't get that, and soon, these will be the last AMD video cards I purchases.

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                                              First, thanks to everyone who posted useful information here. I recently upgraded my (very old) Catalyst drivers to the newest Crimson release, and was immediately disappointed by what has been done to the control panels. I regularly use the profiles to switch between a monitor for working and a projector for watching media, and Crimson has completely ruined this previously simple process. Although the software won't create the profiles any more due to the needed settings being moved into the new control panel, it is fairly straightforward to make new working profiles from a template created on an older version. Here's some info I've gathered that might help with that. (This is based on a Windows 7 x64 system using a Radeon HD7970, YMMV)


                                              1. Important files.
                                                • Everything is in .xml files, so they can easily be edited in notepad. If you need a quick XML tutorial, try the one on W3Schools.
                                                • When you create a profile, C:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\Local\ATI\ACE will contain NamedProfilesIndex.xml. As the index file, it lists all available profiles, and the properties chosen when creating them. These include name, tooltip description, locations to show the profile, hotkey assignment, application to run on activation, and a few hidden ones.
                                                • The actual profile goes into C:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\Local\ATI\ACE\Profiles, and will have the name you gave it, example Activate Monitor 1 [HDMI].xml.
                                              2. Selecting displays and output connectors.
                                                • The <Adapter name> tag identifies the card you're working with, and is mostly identical to the string found in Device Manager by selecting Properties > Details > Device Instance Path for your graphics card. In the profile, there are sometimes small changes to the end of this string, I'm not certain why this happens or whether it's important, but it appears to be inconsistent.
                                                • When a particular display is active in a given profile, a tag like the following is inserted:

                                                  <Property name="MapInfo_Control" value="Device:Index 10 EDID 54829-37623-16843109 B 1 D 0 F 0;ControllerGroup:,;Manner:0;" />

                                                • The EDID string identifies the display to be used. In my testing, all my displays had a single fixed value. However, it's also possible that connecting to a different input on the same display might cause the display to advertise a different value.
                                                • The Index number specifies the hardware GPU connector your display is plugged into. The values I know for the HD7970: Index 1 = Mini-DisplayPort farthest from motherboard, Index 10 = DVI, and Index 9 = HDMI. Note that these may not need to be accurate; the profile to activate my monitor works whether it's connected to the HDMI port, or to the DVI port through an adapter.
                                              3. Miscellaneous.
                                                • If you want to have the basic profiles created for you, it's probably best to use a version of the drivers where things work as expected. I happen to use Catalyst 13.9 WHQL because that's what was installed before I updated to Crimson.
                                                • Remember that when saving profiles, only settings from the currently viewed tab are included. To save ALL global settings, you must create the profile from the control panel's "Start" page. Most people reading this are likely in Advanced view, to get there you must click Preferences > Standard View. Of course with the Crimson drivers, all the settings I need have been moved into the new control panel, so it's not even possible to include them.
                                                • Your profiles only need to contain the settings you wish to change. If you saved all the settings as described above, and you're unsure which ones you need, you can figure it out by creating a profile from the individual tab as nothing else will be included.
                                                • The command line process suggested above by rafspeik to activate profiles does work - but I suggest using an AutoHotKey script to run it rather than a Windows shortcut as that method frequently fails when the desktop does not have focus.
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