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Crossfire with windows 10 and Crimson software

Question asked by theoneenigma on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by sheikhsaad

So we have all been having problem with crossfire in the last edition of the Catalyst software driver. I have just installed crimson software and can't see where I need to go to check if crossfire is enabled with the new softer. I have however found that my second card is disabled.


Q1. Have you fixed the problem you seem to be ignoring? If so how do I turn of crossfire?


Q2 why is my second card disabled and how to I enable it?


Q3 Will you actually do something about crossfire if its not working with Crimson?


Q4 if you don't sort out the problem can I have my money back so I can go back to Nvidia where I NEVER had this sort of problem?