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    HD3D Not working with driver (above version 14 something)


      Hi AMD

      I have a problem with AMD "HD3D" on driver above version 14 something, I can't really remember which exactly so I stopped using 3D

      Now I am back for 3D, I have got the 3D gear, then I remember that specific driver and above version isn't working with my 3D Gear.

      I haven't wrote a log to myself which driver it was, and can't go backwards in driver version with R9 380, cause it is incompatible with older drivers.

      it is about somewhere around driver version 14.4 that it couldn't drive correctly with my 3D Gear.

      It is with my 3D Gear: VIP 3D Displayer

      I am pretty sure it drove with Frame Packing with TriDef

      I am not sure how I can reuse my 3D equipment, it was really great with games back then.

      I have had to driver switch, from newer to older driver back then.

      Isn't there a simple fix?