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Crashes when using GL_ARB_bindless_texture with AMD drivers

Question asked by alex on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by neilmonday

I am using the GL_ARB_bindless_texture extension and am experiencing crashes due to access violations when using it together with AMD drivers (15.7.1 as well as 15.11.1 Beta, did not test with older drivers).


The software works fine when used together with NVidia drivers. Also it works correctly when I do not make more than ~460 textures resident (glMakeTextureResidentARB) at a time. The textures together do not use > 40MB memory, so this can't be the problem. Allocating more than >1GB of textures works without problems in non-bindless mode and also in bindless mode as long as I do not make them resident.


Does anybody experience similliar problems? Is there a limit how many textures can be resident at a time? Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,