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    Screen Flickering issue with R* and new drivers!


      Hello Support,


      I just installed the new AMD R9 Nano with XFX Branding on it.


      I am quite upset that I install this new state of the art $630 card only too find out that it has known major issues.


      There are random 2D and 3D tearing/flickering on both of my 4K screens. These are connected via DP connections. This happens under all loads.


      Here are some of Many  more posting of the major issue that I am experiencing:









      Videos of the issue:






      I have tried the quick fixes listed that I found and they only make things a little better.


      From what I have read, this seems to be an issues with all drivers after 15.5.


      PLEASE help me resolve this issue or I will have to return this card.



      Thank you



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          If you have the choice of returning your card and buying an NVIDIA card, I would strongly recommend you to do so. I've being struggling with this bug since July, sending monthly driver bug reports to AMD and, so far, I was completely ignored.

          AMD has announced a new major driver to be release before the end of 2015, however, it is uncertain if this specific issue will be fixed. If I were in your shoes, I would not wait for a solution coming from AMD, on the contrary, I would get rid of this R9 Nano and buy a GTX980 or GTX980Ti. As for myself, I am seriously considering selling both my R9 290 to buy a GTX980Ti.


          If you really need to stay with AMD, here are some option that may ease your pain:

          1) Try installing Asus GPU Tweak (free software) and set your memory clock on your 2D profile to the same value as your memory clock on your default 3D profile. This will completely solve the problem, however, your computer will be less energy efficient. In my opinion this is the best solution.

          2) A user has allegedly solved this problem by using an ACTIVE DP MST Hub. This item can be bought on websites like Amazon and Newegg and costs about US$100,00.

          3) Install driver 15.6 (the first driver release to have this problem was 15.7).


          If I may, I kindly ask you to help all the users facing the same problem as you are, by sending an AMD Issue Reporting Form. As we have been ignored by AMD for the last couple of months, maybe if more users report the same issue, we will finally get some attention.


          Best regards and good luck.

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            Catalyst 15.11.1 seems to be better, but doesn't solve the problem !

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              Slightly different hardware but same flickering issue with the horizontal lines.  Mine is on my Mac Pro with Dual D700's with dual Dell P2715Q monitors (4k) connected through minidisplayport.  So I can't use the GPU tweak since the GPU's are listed as firepros in windows 10 and no 2d clocks are available. 

              Flickering stops when playing games but anytime there is movement on the screen (dragging or resizing windows) they flicker and flash so bad it could give people seizures.  This  does not happen in OS X.  I issued a report form but looking though these posts and similar ones it doesn't look like anybody is listening.  Other than the ASUS Tweak are there any other options that will make the flickering go away?

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                A new major driver release is available, the so called "Crimson Edition". AMD has promissed this driver would address several problems. I haven't had the opportunity to test it yet (and won't be able to do so until late at night), but it might be the solution to our problems.


                Has anyone given the Crimson Edition Driver a chance? What's the outcome?

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                  I am disgusted to find out that this annoying bug is still present on the new and "revolutionary" Crimson Driver. More than an year has passed, I have sent 25 driver bug reports to AMD (literally) and this issue is still not solved. Considering this bug was first introduced with driver 15.7, and knowing that AMD has the code for version 15.6, which did not have this problem, I can only assume AMD is ignoring its clients and not giving any importance whatsoever to this bug that defeats the fundamental purpose of a video card: to show stable images.


                  From this moment on, I am giving up on AMD. I will try using an active display port multi-stream hub to see if this equipment can somehow "fix" the signal going to the displays. This is the cheapest solution I can think of. If this fails, I will keep using Asus GPU Tweak to overclock my 2D clock settings (which solves the bug, but increases heat dissipation and power consumption) until I can sell both my R9 290 to buy an NVIDIA hardware.


                  I wish the best luck for those who will still wait for a solution coming from AMD. From now on I plan to stay with Intel + Nvidia for several years, until AMD either goes bankrupt for disrespecting its clients or goes through a great change.


                  Best regards, community, and thanks for all the help and support you have given me during this half year facing this hideous software flaw.

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                    I have the same issue with horizontal line screen corruption since driver 15.7 was released. We've all submitted numerous bug reports and nobody is responding. It's beyond frustrating at this point.

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                      The bug is finally recognised in the known issues of 16.1 hotfix :


                      • [82892] Display corruption may occur on multiple display systems when it has been running idle for some time


                      Hope they will find a solution to solve this in the 16.1 release !

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                        16.1.1 and bug still up : GG AMD !!!!

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                          Is this the same problem? Here's a video of my setup: AMD R9 390 Streaks - YouTube


                          I just bought this card brand new from Amazon (MSI R9 390). Is it a hardware or software problem? If this were back in the day, I would say it's bad video RAM, but not sure. Only shows up after an hour or less of using, reboot fixes it. One display is HDMI and other DP.