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    Xfire and War Thunder


      Gday AMD


      Any chance you guys could please do a new Xfire profile for War Thunder?


      They have updated the game engine and it is no longer working.


      I Invested in a 295x2 for a great gaming experience 4k @ 40" and it's all turned to poop. Was great up until the update.

      It appears Xfire has fallen off for all combinations of dual card and single card dual GPU configurations.


      Gaijin say to call AMD in regards to Xfire support. They have claimed Nvidia re: Sli have been helpful but no response from AMD.


      War Thunder looks fantastic with the new graphics engine, but the frame rates are suffering terrible.


      War Thunder is very popular with 30k -50k online playing at any given time in 1000 - 1800 battles taking place.


      There are a lot of AMD Xfire users waiting.


      Thank you




      P.S. Btw this 295x2 kicks arse @ 4k gaming.

      Glad I chose it over a single 980ti. I Slapped custom WC on this beast and it "goes off like a frog in a sock!"  lols

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          Hey guys,


          I am 100% sure you guys can fix the flickering that happens when selecting to crossfire with the box checked.


          Forget gaijins config hack of using a separate process, please make a profile or just fix the flickering issue when not using a profile with crossfire.


          Please AMD fix this we need this


          Gaijin has a hack to get it to work but it's been broken for some time, I haven't been able to get it to work on Windows 10 since updating  from 8.1 and get flickering and rainbow corruption and really bad performance.


          Below is their method that is broken:

          Enabling SLI and Crossfire Support - Knowledgebase - War Thunder - Official Forum




          Their hack makes it use a different process called AFRFriendly-D3D.exe but it doesn't even utilize the GPU's well any more, it used to work good ages ago but I have tried on Windows 10 on 15.9.1, 15.10 and 15.11.


          I find just selecting the "Enable AMD CrossfireX for applications with no associated application profile" uses the GPU's at full power 1040hmz and not like their hack barely over 600mhz and goes all over the place.


          The only problem is flickering or some patches ion the terrain when choosing to use crossfire so I assume you guys could fix it, I still don't get why they had to go the route they did and not use the normal method.



          Just selecting crossfire and checking the box uses the Aces.exe and the performance is much better than theirs and without the sea of rainbow corruption and flickering.


          Below is what it looks like when just using Catalyst and not editing the config file they tell you to do, the shadows flickers white.

          Aces_crossfire_profile _with_box_ticked_for _no_profile_2.jpg

          You can see just minimal corruption compared to their method and the performance is much smoother and uses full frequency of the GPU.

          Aces_crossfire_profile _with_box_ticked_for _no_profile.jpg


          So I think it's up to AMD to fix this issue.


          Someone created a thread below that I posted to but I'm not holding my breath for gaijin to do anything as this has been broken for sometime.

          ID: 0035828 06/11/15 PBR issue with crossfire configs ASAP FIX [] - Page 2 - Documented Bug Reports - Windows …

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              Yeh I use Open GL mode which stops the flickering. I have no glitching like rainbowing or chroming or in game rendering.
              JUst Xfire not working at all. Even if I choose it in CCC.


              As you said custom config no longer works, though I didn't have to use it for Xfire to work for a while now.

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                  Just got Xfire to work. I choose frame pacing ON in AFR friendly mode. I still have to choose GL rendering in WT to stop flickering, but both Gpu's now working.

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                      I'll try it out, I hadn't tried OpenGL as others reported it didn't perform much better if at all than one card on DX11.


                      Matt from AMD is looking at it too, I shared this post on his twitter, he is very active on here too.

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                        Just so I got this right, is the process it's using and the catalyst profile for aces.exe?

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                            Yes. Custom profile.


                            I have found with Xfire working, it has increased my Max FPS, but the persistent 30 fps lows are still there. Some maps are worse than others.


                            So my only gain is I can enable a little more eye candy for my consistent 60fps max.


                            I also found that these low FPS troughs are still there in whatever resolution I choose. 1080, 1440 or 4k.


                            Hey check out my custom skins on WT live. My screen name is ZipptyDooDah

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                                I'm re downloading War Thunder as something must have broke something after I changed the graphic settings in WT in OpenGL, now I can only start in windowed or full screen windowed in DirectX even though Open GL starts in full screen fine.


                                I prefer Directx as it's much smoother than OpenGL, and I really like the smoothness and the way the planes fly, it's much more enjoyable.


                                I'd rather use one card and smoother than two and what seems a bit off, to me anyway.


                                I've tried the check the files feature in the War Thunder launcher but that didn't fix it, I don't know if it actually checks the code or just if the files are there.

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                                  The details are much more sharper and a little more vibrant on DX too compared to OpenGL.

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                                    I think I fixed my issue


                                    Seems my driver got corrupted and after re-installing War Thunder it came back on the second start. The same thing happened when I tried the latest launcher it worked once but the second time it wouldn't start right in full screen.


                                    I uninstalled Catalyst used the AMD cleaner and even removed the left over AMD and catalyst registries with CC cleaner, surprised the AMD cleaner doesn't clean them.


                                    After installing the latest beta 15.11.1 it seems fixed it's worked multiple times and after rebooting so something in the driver went wrong so I downloaded War Thunder again for nothing lol.

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                                      The issue came back and I now think it's related to the latest windows 10 update messing with catalyst, I noticed freesync stopped working restarted and catalyst had the prompt that comes up when you first install it, when I started War Thunder again I got the 600x400 resolution bug again.

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                                    After trying OpenGL now I can't use DX11, it starts the game at 600x400 and is just blurry red colours. Tried restarting only selecting openGL starts the game where I can see or do anything. I'll have to see if the config file will help.


                                    EDIT: The only way I can get DX11 to start properly now is to start in windowed and then change to full screen, starting in DX in full screen ruins it and starts at 600x400 that all I can do it force quit as can't do anything, unfortunately even though it fixes it the next time it starts in full screen it's back to the same thing. Going to the desktop reverts the desktop resolution to 1440p after a second or so.