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Xfire and War Thunder

Question asked by bobbavet on Nov 7, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by astrix_au

Gday AMD


Any chance you guys could please do a new Xfire profile for War Thunder?


They have updated the game engine and it is no longer working.


I Invested in a 295x2 for a great gaming experience 4k @ 40" and it's all turned to poop. Was great up until the update.

It appears Xfire has fallen off for all combinations of dual card and single card dual GPU configurations.


Gaijin say to call AMD in regards to Xfire support. They have claimed Nvidia re: Sli have been helpful but no response from AMD.


War Thunder looks fantastic with the new graphics engine, but the frame rates are suffering terrible.


War Thunder is very popular with 30k -50k online playing at any given time in 1000 - 1800 battles taking place.


There are a lot of AMD Xfire users waiting.


Thank you




P.S. Btw this 295x2 kicks arse @ 4k gaming.

Glad I chose it over a single 980ti. I Slapped custom WC on this beast and it "goes off like a frog in a sock!"  lols