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    Athlon II X2 250


      I ordered a Athlon II X2 250 to upgrade my chess box, which has the M4A77D motherboard. This CPU is faster then the old Athlon X2 4200+ for the same power consumption.


      Price rot has this CPU down to US $16 which from its original $87 some 5 years ago, its not the fastest but for my needs its plenty


      I am not sure if this CPU can support 4 sticks of RAM on a AM3+ motherboard, I do not care if the RAM speed is lower, as long as it works


      the cheapest AM3 boards have 2 slots, but I like boards with 2 memory slots so that larger amounts of RAM can be installed for more demanding workloads


      AM3+ boards are still a few more pesos but there are lots of options out there, this cheap CPU was selected for its flexibility and its low power consumption

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          The Asus website specs states that one DIMM per channel is supported on AM3 CPUs but the RAM is DDR2 and the maximum speed is OC'd RAM running at 1200 MHz. You should contact Asus support for specifics as it's unlikely you will be able to use (4) DIMMs or even 4GB DDR2 DIMMs unless there is a BIOS update to handle these DIMMs. If you can run DDR3 RAM with a BIOS update that would be the better choice, IMO.



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              The CPU supports DDR3 and the boards I am looking at are equipped with 4 DDR3 slots. The manuals suggests the RAM I buy is faster than needed as the CPU is not able to use the fastest speeds.


              The M4A77D motherboard is DD2 but its scheduled to be retired soon as the board has numerous problems that are forcing me to replace it.


              The AMD3 CPU can use DDR2 or DDR3 but I am looking at boards with 4 sticks DDR3 for memory, and there are several choices in the market that are inexpensive.


              DDR3-1600 2048MB sticks are now under $10 each so it makes sense to modernize the old box