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    ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 driver for Windows 10


      Can someone help me please? Windows 10 says "the display manufacturer hasn't made your display compatible with Windows 10". How do I fix this?

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          Hi Hope Shondel,


          Unfortunately due to the age of your Graphics Card it will be getting a driver for Windows 10.


          Windows® 10 will install the default Microsoft® Basic Display Driver (MBDD) for these graphics adapters. MBDD provides basic display functionality (low resolutions and color) on a single monitor but DOES NOT support:


          Display scaling control

          Multiple displays

          Display rotation

          Video capture

          Power settings

          VSync control

          Brightness control on integrated display panels

          AMD Catalyst™ Control Center


          If your system is equipped with an AMD Radeon™ X1### Series product or older, you may consider the following options:

          Continue using the existing operating system.

          If you have already upgraded to Windows® 10 and would like to revert back to the previous version of Windows, refer to this Microsoft page for instructions

          Upgrade to an AMD graphics product that provides Windows® 10 support. For information about resellers and product availability, visit: http://shop.amd.com


          NOTE: Before upgrading ensure that your system meets the requirements of the graphics adapter, such as

          Motherboard with compatible graphics card slot

          Adequate power supply unit to handle the complete system power requirement

          Display with compatible connections


          Please refer to the following document for more information.


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