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    Fury X Display problem.



      this screen problem happen when :

      1. browsing webpage (with chrome. happen randomly.. like once a day)

      2. download file with Tixati 2.16 and turn off the monitor for few hours and turn on the monitor[sleep and hibernate disable]. ( not 100% trigger the problem)



      here is the video linkhttps://youtu.be/yJXlXqMtK_w


      when it happen, the only way to fix it is change the desktop resolution to any other resolution and click "OK" then the screen will turn "Black" and then press "ESC"  to revert back to the original resolution. then the "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" notification will appear. and the screen is back to normal.


      this card is no problem playing game (5 hours dragonage inquisition 1920x1200 MAX setting).  i am not sure what is going wrong.

      also see other similar case in this forums . https://community.amd.com/thread/185235



      i7 - 3770K

      ASUS P8Z77V-PRO (lastest bios)

      Sapphire  R9 Radeon FURY X

      ATI Catalyst 15.7.1

      Samsung EVO 840  250GB

      WDC 1TB Black

      Dell 2407WFP-HC

      Seasonic X Series 750 W

      ASUS Xonar D2X

      Windows 7 64bit




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          Hi BH Tan,


          How are you connecting the Graphics Card to the Monitor? Display Port or HDMI?


          If you're using Display Port, how long is the cable? Are you using a Certified Display Port 1.2 cable? Have you tried connecting to a different Display Port on the Fury X?


          If you're using HDMI have you tried a different cable?

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            i use the DP to DVI adapter [come with the card] to connect.

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              Okay, but what Display Port cable are you using? Did it come with the monitor?


              Do you have another DVI adapter you could try to rule out a faulty adapter?


              It sounds like a Display Port cable or adapter issue.

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                Fury X [display port] --> Display port to DVI adapter--> DVI Cable --> Dell 2407WFP-HC.

                the DP Adapter is come with the card, and the DVI Cable is the same one i use on 6970 for 5 years without any problem.

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                  Okay, thanks for the clarification.


                  Can you try using a different Display Port connection on the Fury X? If you have a different adapter or a spare cable you can try, i would recommend it to see if that resolves the issue.

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                    i don't have any "extra" DP to DVI adapter, so i will try using other display port on the Fury X.


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                      Sorry to hijack this thread, but I am seeing the same issue. My configuration is:


                      Dell ST2410 Monitor

                      Windows 7 64bit

                      Catalyst 15.7

                      Asus Strix Fury


                      Im using a DVI connection, and I dont believe that the problem is with the cable since there was no problem with HD 5870 card also running on 15.7 drivers, for like more than 2 months.


                      The problem occurs randomly usually while browsing webpages in IE. Only happens every 3-4 days strangely enough. I have set "Alternate DVI Operation Mode" to checked, and also checked "Reduce DVI Frequency on high resolution displays", but this had no effect.


                      I see the same issue reported in this following community forum:

                      Graphical Resolution Glitch out R9 Radeon Fury


                      I also see it reported in the following youtube video:

                      AMD Catalyst 15.7 Desktop Corruption - YouTube


                      I have also uploaded my own video of the problem, and a photo as well:



                      Can we get any confirmation that this is a driver issue and will be addressed in a coming driver update?


                      Thanks much!


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                        I posted in the other thread, but will post here for visibility.


                        I've returned 3 fury xs (sapphire, xfx, and then msi) because of this and now the regular fury I have (asus) is doing it.

                        I was using a 390x at one point and had 0 problems.


                        I've used various cables. DVI, HDMI, DP, even a DVI > DP Adapter.

                        And it has happened on previous driver versions.


                        Motherboard: MSI Z170A Gaming M7

                        CPU: i7-6700k
                        GPU: ASUS Strix R9 Fury (15.8 beta)

                        Memory: G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR4 3000 (F4-3000C15D-16GRK)

                        PSU: be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 850W (BN603)

                        OS: Windows 10 64-bit


                        This is what it looks like. The screen shrinks upward, the bottom third of the screen turning black (or green when on hdmi), random lines all over the place, and then eventually a bsod/reboot.

                        2015-08-20 22.09.58.jpg

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                          after trying using other Display port on the Fury X didn't help, this problem still happen twice in few hours, first one is when i viewing a pdf file on Foxit Reader, second one is at desktop doing nothing.



                          so i don't think that is the cable or display port related problem. i use the same DVI cable with Asus EAH 6970 DCII 2GD5 for 3 years, never had this type of problem.


                          when this problem happen, i try unplug the cable (the DP to DVI adapter.) from the card and try plug in to other display port , the screen will come back "normal" for 1-2 second, then the problem start again and the "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" notification appear again. then i try unplug and plug to other display port , also "normal" for 1-2 second then problem.. then "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" .. but it's never go to "BSOD" or restart or hang the PC , just need to change the resolution and revert back then all back to " normal"....



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                            Wow, I thought I was the only one here!  Add me to the list.

                            PC: Intel Core i7-5960X, Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury X, Corsair 600T Silver - System Build - PCPartPicker

                            Using DP to DVI as well, get similar and only way to fix is unplug/plug back in DP adapter.


                            Unlike others I have not had it crash on me yet but I have seen the system hang and hardware interrupts mess up - like keyboard input stops or hangs.


                            Other possible relevant notes:

                            I also was having hardware interrupt issues in Linux that I never tracked down that caused it.

                            I went through a VERY expensive replacement process, including going to the Fury X from 290X to see if it would fix.

                            Not sure it's related but the hardware interrupt issues suggest I should at least note it here.

                            (At this point it's an issue with either MSI X99 mobos, the CPU or AMD graphics cards. Still trying to test and rule out things.)

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                              I am having this exact problem! It is especially worse after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10.


                              So here are a few things I tried:


                              Disable CPU overclocking--still screen corruption

                              New DP cable, still screen corruption.

                              Used HDMI instead of DP, still happens.


                              I have noticed this happens a lot under low system load. If the screen corrupted, simply run a 3D Game and it will return to normal. So I come to a conclusion that this might be caused by AMD's faulty driver design of the Zero Core function. Basically AMD driver is putting the card to ultra low power mode when it senses the user is not using any 3D intensive programs. However the buggy driver was unable to pull the GPU out of the Zero Core. Thus you get the screen corruption.


                              The one solution I found that kinda works is to disable Zero Core altogether. Use regedit and disable ULPS should greatly reduce the frequency of screen corruption. At the same time a true solution is needed from AMD's driver package. I really wish this is not a BIOS bug though, however it is looking like one since ZeroCore is implemented at hardware level.


                              5820K OC 4.2GHz with 3.7GHz cache

                              ASUS Sabertooth X99

                              ADATA DDR4-2800 32GB

                              Sapphire R9 Fury X
                              Acer K272hul

                              Catalyst 15.8Beta

                              Windows 10 Pro

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                                Hi Matt, based on the number of people reporting this problem, it seems like it must be a catalyst driver issue. Is this an issue AMD developers are working on? Please let us know what the status is on this and whether we can expect to see this resolved in an upcoming driver update?


                                Thanks very much!


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                                  Not sure if related or not - but work PC (R7 240) was having issues related to an adapter as well.


                                  HDMI cable straight to monitor - rock on.

                                  HDMI to VGA to monitor - would blink in and out.


                                  I can swap monitors for a bit - use one with HDMI and no adapter - and see if I have the issue still.

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                                    HDMI does not have a Analog signal and VGA only works on Analog. Adaptors that claim to support it are ify at best. If you need to connect a VGA display your best bet would be to use a DVI-I to VGA adaptor. This will only work if the DVI port is a DVI-I and would not work if it is a DVI-D port. Otherwise you need to get a Display Port to VGA adaptor.

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