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    HD 5450 on 3 monitors


      Good day users of this forum.

      Today I come to the following questions:
      I count on my computer with a video card ATI Radeon HD 5450 which has 3 connectors:
      - DVI connector
      - HDMI connector
      - VGA connector

      The first thing was you connect a monitor VGA, then got another TV screen by connecting HDMI and even there everything was fine. I recently acquired a monitor with DP and buy a converter DP to DVI plug believing that only thus would give me the third monitor, but my desilucion started there.
      No matter how fits the DVI ever shown me signal, buy another DP to DVI and nothing converter, buy another DVI cable and all, buy a cable connected on DVI and gives me another DVI over VGA and Jan is vga connect the monitor VGA and nothing. I refer to the DVI input by more than the connect or reset signal it never has shown me or trying to be detected.

      It is then that I began to suspect that possibly the entrance was "off" but have found no information to corroborate my theory, because as I read as much as I should have done was to restart (which too many times I've done and nothing happens )

      The only thing that remains to me to know if the DP to DVI converter if work, which would be illogical but to make them ...

      I hope someone can help me since they already spend enough not manage to have 3 monitors that look.