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How to Utilise AMD/ATI Power + RadeonPRO Tweaks & Tips and many more !

Question asked by loccothan on Sep 6, 2015
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Hello everybody


Last Updated IX/30/2017


It's My Main Thread on Guru3D Radeon Section from My BLOG


Now i'm on ryZEN & Fury Fiji HBM !



For Fury (Fiji) i can recommend new 17.9.3 Driver


New Tweak for Gamers:


Some usefull Windows 10 Tweaks
Command line for game (in Shortcut box or in Steam -> right click on the game and go to the properties, in the window that opens go to launch options)

Best Launch Options for every Game:

1. (mostly in use by me for DX11.x > )
-useallavailablecores -malloc=system -force-driver-type-warp -sm6 -dx11mt -pthreads 12 -maxvram=4300
2. (mostly in use by me for OGL/Vulcan > )

-useallavailablecores -malloc=system -force-driver-type-warp -pthreads 16

3. (mostly in use by me for DX9/10 > )

-useallavailablecores -malloc=system -force-driver-type-warp -sm6 -pthreads 12


-pthreads 12 or -pthreads 16 -> is the best for my ZEN 8/16 at 4GHz with 16GB DDR4 at 2940MHz CL14-15-15-34-50 1T 1.38v

Some Games don't need 16 Threads, and i have some 2-3FPS gain in RainbowSix Siege ! thanks to -pthreads 12

Commands explanations:

-sm4 _> Uses shader model 4 (DX10 or 4.1 is 10.1 instead of SM5 in DX11.0 ekhm our 11.1 is SM5.1 & DX12.0 is 6.0)
-useall.availablecores _> Forces windows to use all available cores.
-malloc=system _> forces game to use Windows10 allocator (this one is the best for AMD CPUs users).
-force-feature-level-11.1 _>
-high -> is obsolete now _> To Set high priority you need Process Lasso (also not every game like this, im using above normal or none).
-refresh 71 _> Monitor-Game refresh rate
-maxMem=9000 _> Allocate up 9GB RAM, 12000 is 12GB etc.
-maxvram=4200 _> Allocate up 4.2GB VRAM etc.
-exThreads=16 _> Max avaible thread for Game or other Process.
-noLogs _> no logs or clutter
-force-driver-type-warp _> Force DirectX WARP device (Best for Radeons GCN)
-force-d3d11-no-singlethreaded _> Force DirectX 11.0 to be created without D3D11_CREATE_DEVICE_SINGLETHREADED flag (Best for Radeons GCN).
-force-gfx-direct _> Force single threaded rendering (Best for nV 9xx/1xxx)
-force-feature-level–10–1 _> Force DirectX 11.0 feature level 10.1
-force-feature-level–11–0 _> Force DirectX 11.0 feature level 11.0
-force-feature-level–11–1 _> Force DirectX 11.0 feature level 11.1



-useallavailablecores -sm6 -dx11mt -pthreads 12

-useallavailablecores -malloc=system -force-driver-type-warp -sm6 -dx11mt -pthreads 12 -maxvram=4300

-useallavailablecores -malloc=system -force-driver-type-warp -sm6 -dx11mt -maxMem=10000 -pthreads 12 -maxvram=4300



-useallavailablecores -malloc=system -force-driver-type-warp -sm6 -pthreads 12



-useallavailablecores -malloc=system -force-driver-type-warp -pthreads 16


& Here ->

Fine young Artists CREOstvdivm: ---> Game's Videos - News & Game Play's <---

Here is RadeonMOD Invented & Co-Created by me

-> RadeonMod (Tweak Utility) - Forums

Here is more Updated Tweaks Page of mine:

Fine Utilise Power of RadeonPRO Software & SweetFX - Forums


Games, Engines, New Tech and more


Graphics FX, Games Engines and more - YouTube


NEW Games DX9 DX11 DX12 - YouTube


Here is Topic for other Radeon users to Fine Utilise Power of RadeonPRO software






MODS for RP 1.1 or 1.1 beta SweetFX 1.51 with Main.H code Tweak



Files You'll need are in FOLDER/Zz Gamers Soft You NEED


Other MODS (with working links uff :flip2: ) -->also on my BLOG & Guru3D


You got here: MEGA, MediaFire and ONE drive



Also on My BLOG there's lot's of interesting Sketches, Graphics, Game Screens from RP+ Sweet ;-) and More:


Fine young Artists CREOstvdivm




UPD. May 1 .15

For leazy One's


SweetFX settings 1.5.1 -> MEGA


SweetFX 2.0 reShade settings -> MEGA




GodMode in Win_X let you customize every aspect of you'r Window's.

Generally it's for Power Users or People with solid background knowledge of that OS.


Create a new folder on your desktop: right-click on Windows 10 desktop and on the context menu, click on New > Folder.

Name this newly created folder:



Enter that folder and..... everything you need is here :-)




Windows 10: How to Protect Your Privacy and thanks to that Tweaks -> Free ~150-300MB in RAM and Net Speed/Ping

We Are Gamers we need every posible resources we can get ;-)


Stop Bone Collector ;-) (telemetry and Data Collection in Windows 10 )

Command Prompt/Power Shell as Admin


sc config DiagTrack start= disabled

sc config dmwappushservice start= disabledsc

stop DiagTracksc

stop dmwappushservice


run Gpedit.msc

>Administrative Templates>Windows Components> Data Collection and preview builds>allow telemetry


Set to Enabled/Disabled

1. Enabled (togle user control....)

2. Disabled

3. Default (as it is)


Atomated Scripts (THX goes to Sergey Tkachenko and Wade )


Also we can remove all Apps bundled with Win_X and leave Store and Calculator working (you can edit script in notepad ;-)

Here -> MEGA


Run As Admin or Paste to Comm.Prompt as admin


Automated script to Permanently STOP Telemetry and Data Collection + Some related Net Tweaks also

Here -> MEGA


Also after Sign-in into M.S Account and Win_X Activation Process you can Log-in into Local Account.


Important -> Make Sys BackUp (You can Revert to previous state ;-)


Update 1


Now i can clearly show you better option (less invasive and Win_X works as usual with some boost ;-)


run Gpedit.msc

>Administrative Templates>Windows Components> Data Collection and preview builds>allow telemetry

and here change only second option (give disabled)





Here create Key


and give Dword32 Value:

AllowTelemetry and write 0 (means Disabled)


Clear the log located in “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Diagnosis\ETLLogsAutoLogger”


Remove both Tele. services:


Disable: Set the “Start” registry key for both services to 4 (Disabled) [3 is Manual, 1 & 2 Auto]

Located at “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services”

1. diagnosticshub.standardcollector.service

2. DiagTrack


And of course You can just Export particular Reg Key ;-) If you don't need Tweak, just Import that Reg


PS. Also in that Logs (we can Open it using HexEditor ;-) I've noticed that MS don't collect any of Private Info about User !!!

All in there (You can check by yourself) is related to Windows and Drivers etc. eg. SB-Z, Razer and so on...

So i think it's little misunderstanding So called Data Private Collection (security concerns etc.)

But in BF4 multi I got 6-8 PING Gain !!! -> Yeah


Now Windows Update should work as intended :banana:

And we have freed some resources and Ping

Also in Settings/Updates/Advanced Options Change how Upd. are delivered to Only My PC (not in Network, that option will seed updates to others as well -> You can Keep it or Disable it)


Win_X Block/Unblock Updates -> Total control of Update Delivery (if you don't need some of'em, just Turn it OFF


Here link for MpS Hide/Show Updates:




Another usefull Tweak to turn OFF Net Usage associated with Win Telemetry

Please add following to the HOSTS ( C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc )

First click right button and T.Off the Read Only ;-)

After That you will Have much Better PING and Net Responsivness. (After the Tweak i have +6-10 Ping in BF4 Multi )






The shortcut commands, in the end of game path in Box

-dx12mt (forces Win 12 feature level - depends on Game eg. 9,10,11 only Win_X but i'm not sure about it )

-dx11mt (forces Win 8/10 using DX11.1 Multi Thread, working in every game with Win_X DX12 API)

-dx9mt (usefull for Skyrim with Mods)

-dx10mt (Usefull in DX10_x games)

-pthreads 6 (more cores? give it a shine)

-pthreads 12 (its mine, if you have 4 give -pthreads 4 etc.)


Sometimes needs to be after Quoted game path -> "game path" -dx11mt -pthreads 12

Example from my GoG AoW3

"D:\DX9\Age of Wonders III\AoW3Launcher.exe" -dx9mt -pthreads 6


Also works in Steam, Origin etc.

Some other tweaks:

"-cpuCount=6 -high -noSplash -maxMem=5120 -maxvram=3090 -exthreads=6"





bcdedit /set useplatformclock true

bcdedit /set tscsyncpolicy Enhanced

bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes


bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock

bcdedit /deletevalue tscsyncpolicy

bcdedit /deletevalue disabledynamictick


To view bcdedit settings:

bcdedit /enum




Memory Management Tweaks that really do something usefull


Here is my registry (you can copt text into notepad, name it and give ext. .REG and Merge into registry (safe when you have 16GB RAM if not then calculate from Real RAM ammount you have in PC)


Your RAM MB* 1024 * 0.125 *2 = ??


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]




















[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters]









CrossFire in Every Game !


Download RadeonPro and create a that Game profile.

Force the crossfire profile 'AFR Friendly D3D' and set the MVPUMode to 'Alternate Frame Rendering'.

then Force in RP desired FPS eg. 60/120/144 etc.

And its Done




Some Tweaks if you have CRT Monitor, you can disable in Registry some values (5-12FPS gain here) ->


PP_MCLKStutterModeThreshold = 1000 (4096) or even less ;-)


StutterMode = 0


I have:

PP_MCLKStutterModeThreshold = 0

StutterMode = 0




Please Use this Thread to show your Tweaks for Radeon GPU's

CF Profiles and AO settings for Gamers to enjoy




I will update More Tweaks for Win_X, SB-z, SB-Xfi x8 FX etc..

Especially for Phenom II and FX users to fine utilise Power of those


Also for x6 x8 etc. CPU users You'll need to unpark CPU Cores to Boost Performance in x2 x4 Games/Apps

Cuz' Still some Modern Games don't utilise more than 4 cores ! So you'll have to UnPark Them and Gain some Performance !


-> Read and Download Here ->


Coder Bag: Disable CPU Core Parking Utility




PhenomII and FX series CPU's will have a little OC touch to Gain some Hidden Performance:

ALways set FSB to min 232-250 (look on the RAM and tweak it too) or if you have Great Mobo give it a try and set >260FSB to 300 !!

It will unlock CPU some GT/s (gigatransfers per second) also the wider the better !


TIP for Beginers:

Try to set Auto OC in you'r Mobo BIOS and see the values + MeM Timings for proper Manual Tweak.

It will Give You the Idea of what you'r RIG is capable of.


Next TIP:


Phenom II series ->

NB always 2.7-2.8GHz no less ! (important for Memory bandwidth, don't exceed 3.0 GHz )

HT always 2.3GHz to 2.6GHz (important for GPU's + CPU to RAM operations)


PhenomII x6 -> OC to MAX 4.2GHz (no need for More)

Sweet spot is 3.8GHz-4.1Ghz

PhenomII x4 -> OC to MAX 4.5GHz (no need for More)

Sweet spot is 4.1Ghz-4.3GHz


My PhenomII x6 1100t BE on Sabertooth 990FX for Gaming

ASUS TurboEVO (All you have to do in Windows, BIOS is set 248FSB 3.6GHz)








FX series ->

NB always 2.6GHz-2.7GHz but no more ! (important for Memory bandwidth )

HT always min. 2.6GHz-2.8GHz (important for GPU's)


FX x6 OC to MAX 4.5GHz (no need for More)

Sweet spot is 4.2GHz

FX x8 OC to MAX 5GHz (no need for More)

Sweet spot is 4.2GHz-4.5GHz


Also remember to rise a little V on NB,HT etc. in BIOS

Warning AMD ! You'll need Good CPU Cooler (not BOX!)




Also in BIOS Turn OFF HPET or in Win 7/8./10

1. Go to Device manager and expand the "System Devices" section.

2. Look for High Precision Event Timer. Right click on it and click disable.

It will give you some more Procesing Power to Games (more FPS)/Apps (faster)


It's the same Gain for AMD or Intel CPU's !




Now Intel CPU's:


Always give some OC to it

SB i5/i7 give 4.2-4.8GHz

IB/Haswell give MAX 4.4GHz

Extreme i7 x6 give MAX 4.2GHz to 4.4GHz (no need for more)

Extreme i7 x8 give MAX 4.0GHz-4.2GHz (no need for more)


Warning Intel ! You'll need Good CPU Cooler (not BOX!)

Also rise a little CPU Vcore for Stability !

Tweak some PLL also ;-)

Temps should be around 68-75 deg.cels. MAX (its safe here)


Of course the MAX is the MAX ;-)


* =========================================================================*


All Here -> Fine young Artists CREOstvdivm: ------> Tweaks & Tips for AMD/Radeon/nV/Intel Users <----------

UPD_01 New ! -> Wolfenstein The New Order Config

UPD_02 New ! -> pCARS optimalisation Config

Please make sure to BackUp files in pCARS -> MEGA


Please Put Power limit on GPU to 10% or 20% (in CCC or OC soft)

Also you can save some FPS by disabling the HUD in Game.






Drivers Section for ATI/AMD Radeon GPU's and APU's:



AMD/ATI Site Drivers  WWW


Download Drivers




Here interesting Tweak i make with Legacy MOD FLEM (Ver 2.0) ->


Download here !




We can Disable DMAcopy + (experiment) Enable BlockWrite [I just done Disable DMAcopy like in sreen]


And in Shadow Of Mordor Ultra/High with Ultra Textures i have:


-> Now 54FPS average and 40FPS Low

-> before 52FPS average and 29FPS Low


So we have first Great Tweak for GCN using FLEM -> THX goes to Creators !




Here some of the Best Key Shops on the Web:


PC STEAM, Origin, Uplay, Desura and many more... Check Out The G2A:


Kinguin - Buy Games Cheaper - Skyscraper


Also on GreenMan Gaming:



My NFS Rivals, BF4 P and RaptR: