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R9 390 Multiple Screen Flickering Bug : too hard for you to fix it AMD ?

Question asked by jhereck on Sep 6, 2015
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I'm a bit angry now, cause i spend my entire day figuring out a 3 or 4 years old BUG.


I use a MSI R9 390, i have 4 screens and run windows 10.


My drivers were 15.7.1 and currently testing 15.8 beta.


Now the problem :


Hardware acceleration is not the problem, as it has been said before.


The only problem is MEMORY FREQUENCY, which is downgrading to 150Mhz thanks to PowerPlay. And yes, with multiple screens, it's a huge problem cause flickering BUG appears.


So now the solution : when multiple screens are connected, DON'T DOWNGRADE MEMORY FREQUENCY.


It is too hard for you AMD to do that or what ? My hardware is currently unusable cause of THIS !


Tried all sort of things with MSI Afterburner, but no way to set the Memory Frequency ONLY to 1500 or 1600 Mhz.


The only way ATM is to desactivate Powerplay in AB, but Gpu frequency stay at his max also, and the card eat 76W at IDLE : NICE !


Or to edit the bios of the card, in order to set the max memory frequency in the IDLE state : what a joke !


So for the god sake AMD, FIX IT IN THE 15.8 RELEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now i will need to reboot my computer cause flickering appears when i was writing this post.


Oh i forgot : the trick with Profiles in CCC (to change the freq in the first state of the profile) no more works.


And, of course, no problem with previous catalyst version (14.12).