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    FX-9590 De-lid


      Hope you guys enjoy this modification to my FX-9590.


      I de-lid processors for superior temperatures and overclocking despite warranty vold.


      Here's some pictures of the latest FX processor I've de-lidded.


      Running custom liquid cooling loop, temperatures dropped more than 10 degrees c.


      System Specs

      Cpu - FX-9590 De-lidded

      Motherboard - Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z

      RAM - Corsair CMY8GX3M2A2133C11

      Video Card - GTX 760

      OS Drive - 180GB Intel SSD raid 0

      Power Supply - Antec Continuous Power Series 1000 watt

      Cpu Cooling -  Custom loop - water block mod 120.2 x2 8 rad fans

      Daily clocks - 185 bus clocks Multiplier 16.5x = 4902.50Mhz Max Temp 52c





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          Hey shrimpbrime,


          Fantastic job, always love seeing the daring members of Red Team showing off some of their projects. Great to see a user de-lid their processor, especially these days as it's slowly becoming a lost art in comparison to the old days when we were all desperate to get even a degree of difference in our temps. Plus a 9590 to boot! I really don't know why people don't do it more often as the gains are definitely worth the risk still to this day.


          Although I suppose, that's pending of course the user has the general knowledge, patience and testicular fortitude to see it through, that last one is always the trait that separates those who do and those who don't and understandably so, I suppose. Glad to see yours was successful and I'd love to see some temperature differentials if you have the data still available to compare and contrast. It would be great for the other users in the forums to have that available to them. Anyways, good work and have a nice day.

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              These are seldom removed because AMD has soldered them on. So you are not going to see very many people do this, I think I know of 2 other people that have de-lidded AMD soldered processors with success.


              I actually started doing this back in 2009 starting with Agena based core Phenom I and carried this through Phenom II and even de-lidded a FX-5000 which is a Athlon 5000. At the time this processor was locked down from L3 cache and Phenom II was going to be named FX. This Athlon 5000 is the only processor I am aware of that carries a FX tag while unlocked. Although it wasn't necessary to de-lid this Athlon, I did it for practice basically.


              Any how, thanks for the kind reply!


              Here's a couple of comparison screen shots.



              This is temps before de-lid. Running stock frequencies, notice the CPU throttling because of the 65c Cpu socket temp.

              Load tested stock before de-lid.png


              This is after the de-lid. Temps are great in comparison, no throttling, and can actually get some overclocking done too!!


              Prime 95.png

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                  Question: Why did you buy the 9590 for this purpose instead of the 8350? Lower starting voltage, less expensive...



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                      That's a good question!


                      Let it be known that I've owned just about ever FX processor they've made. And have de-lidded a few of them.


                      The reason for the FX-9590 is a guarantee 4.7ghz out of the box. No need for overclocking, it's just badazz fast.


                      Another reason is I wanted to de-lid the fastest AMD chip available to date, also being the only lidless FX-9590 on the planet....


                      Eventually, I will be looking for a goal for the 8ghz club while benching under LN2 on the current set up. Basically I'm waiting for ZEN, hopefully it'll be a vast upgrade as rumor has it. Some supposed 40% single core performance increase is nothing short of what we've all been waiting for.


                      As far as voltage  goes, it's pretty spot on for stability while running much higher than normal overclocks. In reality, massive overclocking, 1.5250v isn't very much, only nets about 5.1ghz - 5.2ghz after this smaller frequency, even FX-8350 and FX-8320 needs a massive boost in voltage to acquire much high clocks with any type of real stability.


                      But none the less, all processors vary when it comes to volts and overclocking....


                      Truthfully, the FX-9590 and Asus CHVZ are made for massive overclocking and colder temps. The motherboard boasts features like no other for this type of accomplishment while running extreme temps down to about -175c. Posting well over 2.0v is easy to come by with the Asus CHVZ, I plan to utilize all features available in the future to hit some big Mhz numbers the goal being at the very least 8.0Ghz, I'd like to get over 8.5ghz..... Only in due time. Maybe 6 months? Dunno. This depends on ZENs time release, hopefully there's no delays.


                      Here's a screen shot of a WPrime at around 5.6ghz with some cranked up voltage. If I had cooler temps, this voltage would be lower, but with liquid cooling it requires a little more than if I where to use Dry Ice for example.


                      Also. I'll list all the soldered processors I've de-lidded in the past in a future post.


                      For now, here's some more eyeball candies.


                      FX-9590 5618mhz WPrime 32m.png