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why my pc is freezing while playing games?

Question asked by drnisarhaq on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by backFireX64

hello, i have recently assembled gaming pc....specs are:-1.motherboard- gigabyte 990fxa ud5 r3    2.processor-amd fx 9590 with liquid cooling(cooler master)     3.ram-corsair 1 x 8gb vengence ddr3     4. seagate 1tb internal       5.kingston 120gb ssd internal in which os is installed(previously win 7 home basic then win 7 ultimate)            6.psu-cooler master b600 ver.2                 card- gainward gtx 960 2gb ddr5                           8.monitor-dell 2240l 1080p              9.dvd writer-hp external usb           10.cabinet- cooler master haf 912 with 3 fans.                problem- random freeze just after first use and continuing (keyboard and mouse even not working so cant use cntrl alt del)only option is force restart.more quick freeze when playing games.... about 15 mins.slow when normal use about 30 mins to 1 hour.most high end games are running smoothly in ultra settings.(games like.... witcher 3,watch dogs,far cry 4,nfs rivals)  some said to change to win 7 to ultimate so again i had to buy an external dvd writer to do result  i have tried some tips given in result  event viewer says in computer critical error.....error id :- 41.....source:-kernel power.  some said .....its the graphigs card i gave the card to service centre......they checked for a problem in the card they said  shop service man said its may be due to the gave the ram for replacement. got a friends ram(1x8gb low quality corsair)......but the same problem. no result  now i gave my pc to the shop from where i bought it.....they also have no clue  i have spent about rs 1 lakh for fulfill my childhood dream- to make a good gaming pc any help will be highly appreciated.