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    The "Silent Stream" Bug Still Exists - WHAT'S THE PROBLEM???


      I don't get it. This problem has been present for years now and no one seems to know how to fix it, or they just don't care.


      Yes, I've used AVR Audio Guard, but 1) I shouldn't have to run 3rd party software to fix another company's problem - AMD (and as far as I know Intel and nVidia have the same issue) needs to fix this, whether that means doing it on their own, working with Microsoft (no idea if this problem exists in Linux), or getting on Realtek's case about it.


      And 2) AVR Audio Guard has something wrong with it where I would have to uninstall and re-install to rid a problem with it pinning CPU usage at 25% in Win7-and now 33% in Win10. However, reinstalling it doesn't fix it in Win10, so that solution is out the window anyway.


      Yes, I realize that  a small portion of the population gets their PC audio from the GPU, but that's not the point. Either f

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          This is really an OS issue rather than a graphics driver issue.

          From the AVR Audio Guard website :


          "A/V receivers have to switch to the appropriate mode every time an audio stream is presented to them. This in itself isn't a problem, but in Windows, when the sound device is configured with more than two channels, the receiver has to switch modes every time Windows plays a system sound, a video in youtube, an mp3 in Windows Media Player etc. Because it takes the receiver time to switch modes, this leads to the first second or two of the sound being missed, which in the case of system sounds, often means the whole sound is missed"

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            Did you ever find a solution for getting AVR Audio Guard to work acceptably on Windows 10?


            I use AVR Audio Guard on a PC with Intel HD Graphics connected to my Samsung TV via HDMI. After upgrading from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, AVR Audio Guard is constantly using a lot of CPU time. I emailed the developer several days ago, asking about compatibility with Windows 10, but I haven't received any reply.

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                I haven't found a solution.


                I tried setting the priority to low and it didn't help.


                I also tried setting the affinity to a single CPU core, and sure enough it was pinned at 100% usage.


                I did notice that AVR's CPU usage is normal while sound is playing (it blips 1-2% here and there).


                I also emailed the developer and received no reply this time.


                When this happened in Win7 he did reply with "It did previously use 10-20% CPU on some low-end systems but in a later version I reduced the scan frequency for the end of an audio stream to fix that. On the system you’ve described it certainly shouldn’t use up that much CPU (uses up 0% on my i7), but I'm afraid I don’t know what could be causing it to do so."


                The guy that wrote AVRAG appears to only have that and one app (that seems to be MIA at the moment). I'm guessing he is/was a hobbyist and there will never be a new version. Then again, his not replying to our emails might be a sign he's being flooded with emails from Win10 users so maybe he'll write a new version.


                I hope AMD, MS, or Realtek will step up and do something about this so we don't have to rely on a third-party application in the first place.

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                I still periodically search for a solution for the HDMI silent stream bug on Windows 10. In the meantime, I downgraded the PC that's connected to my TV to Windows 8.1 so that I can continue to run AVR Audio Guard.


                I don't suppose you've had any luck in finding a solution in these last few months?

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                    Wow! Sorry I didn't reply to this, I never received a notification there was a reply.
                    Actually no, I haven't found a solution other than to stop using AMD's HDMI audio.
                    The problem doesn't exist with either the CPU's audio (i5-2500K) or the Realtek optical audio output, so I went with Realtek.

                    I was under the impression that this was a problem everybody was having but apparently it is now exclusive to AMD.

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