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    AMD E350/450 Brazos/Zacate...Windows 10 DXVA Full support.


      Install the Latest Catalyst 15.7.1 Package. No Display Driver will be installed cause it is not listed in the Driver Package.


      Download CATALYST 14.12 Package  For example 64 Bit drivers 8.1 -> Previous

      extracts to : C:\AMD\AMD-Catalyst-Omega-14.12-With-DOTNet45-Win8.1-64bit\Packages\Drivers\Display\WB6A_INF

      Install Manually the Display Drivers from this Path.


      Its the best solution especially for the Hardware Accelerated Videos over the Inet. Finally i can play Youtube HTML5 in HD 1080p... Enjoy at least FULL Accelerated Vids.


      Catalyst 15.6 Beta No Hardware Accelaration. The 14.12 is currently the Best thing you should use.