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    Cooler for FX-9590




      I have an ASUS motherboard model M5A99FX PRO R2.0 with CPU AMD FX-9590. I can read in ASUS motherboard specifications: "Due to the high TDP, please be noted there are limitations while using this CPU(i.e. special thermal required..)"


      ¿Which is the recommended cooler for FX-9590?



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          Any beefy or top raided cooler is good for it.


          The AIO version has a Cooler Master 120XL AIO loop, Noctua's are of course nice, Phanteks and CM EVO 212 for air coolers, 120m AIO's are okay but I rather people use at least a 240m AIO.

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            There are a few tower coolers that provide proper cooling for the FX-9000 series CPUs without introducing a coolant leak liability from adding a liquid cooler. The Noctua NH-D14, Thermaltake Frio, Xigmatek Aegir, Evercool HPJ-12025 or a Spire Thermax Eclipse II are the best tower coolers in controlled testing and they seem to work well even on the FX high heat 8-core 220w CPUs. The fan airflow to the tower cooler can also help cool the VRMs which are under extreme load with these 220w CPUs.

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              I've seen this question before!!

              The motherboard you are using only supplies up to 140 watts.

              The CPU,the FX-9590 draws 220 Watts. You will need to use a "Liquid AIO" cooler for this chip!

              I'm using the FX-9370 CPU, the Corsair H100i cooler and the Asus Crosshair V Formula Z motherboard.

              This combo is working great for me.  It's normal for this chip to run hotter than other FX series CPU's.

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                  According to Asus the M5A99FX PRO R2.0 with BIOS 1903 or later, fully supports the FX-9000 series CPUs. Their marketing claims are a bit conflicting as they know the FX-9000 series has a 220W TDP. The claim that the mobo is suitable for CPUs up to 140w is probably a carry over from when the original design was released. The R2.0 version presumably has been updated to handle the 220w FX-9000 series CPUs. See the link below.


                  The reason it states there are thermal limitations with the FX-9xxx series CPUs is because this mobo like most FX-9000 mobos needs good fan airflow across the VRM circuit to keep it from overheating and throttling the CPU. A liquid cooler is not required for the FX-9000 series CPUs as many FX-9000 users with HSFs can confirm. A quality high end tower cooler works just fine for most folks without the hassles and cost of an AIO liquid cooler.


                  M5A99FX PRO R2.0 | Motherboards | ASUS USA

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                      Thank you for correcting me on this.  I'm always open to learning something new!

                      I did not know about the Ver. 2.0 update.

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                        Techguy i also have a question about this.

                        Do u know if the Asus Crosshair Formula V (NOT Z) will run the

                        FX-9590 or FX-9370. I mean the chipset on the mobo is the same 990 FX , The VRM cooling is the same the only difference between the V and Z is the X-fi soundcard + 2400 Mhz Ram support i think ? I think my problem would be the cooling of the VRM chips combined with the northbridge since i want to have the awsome AMD LCS kit airflow will be reduced around this area but i do not if there are any aftermarket coolers that can replace it ( i dont want a waterblock) like a active fan one.


                        In the following link some people are saying they got it working but how mush can i trust a post like this http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-2048912/amd-9590-work-asus-crosshair-formula-crosshair-formula.html i hope u have a straight answer for me !

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                            Anyone should be able to find a list of approved CPUs for their specific mobo model from the mobo manufacturer's website. On the Asus website you click on "support" which takes you to another screen where you click on "CPU Support" and a list of approved CPUs and the required BIOS is listed. I do not see any CPU approval on the Asus website for FX processors beyond the FX-8350 model on the Crosshair Formula V. You can also submit a tech support ticket to your mobo mfg. to see if there are any mobo revisions with updates that support additional CPUs. Different revisions of mobos typically support different model/newer CPUs.


                            FYI - The 8-core FX processors require a very robust VRM design with sufficient cooling. VRM component changes at the board level may not be obvious as they can be hidden under the heatsinks. The FX-9000 series CPUs require an even higher capacity VRM circuit than most FX-8350 approved mobos contain. There are exceptions however where some mobos have a properly designed VRM to handle all of the FX model CPUs. It's important to check the mfgs. website before your order or install a new CPU to be sure that the mobo and the installed BIOS support the CPU you desire to run.


                            There may be cases where an FX-9000 CPU will boot and run under light load on a mobo that is not approved for the FX-9000 series CPUs, but in these cases there is an extremely high probability of burning out the VRM circuit once you place the FX-9000 CPU under substantial load. The mobo mfgs. know what the VRM can supply without literally burning up so I'd follow their recommendations. You could also experience a lot of BSOD, crashes, etc. using a mobo that does not have a proper VRM to support the 220W FX-9000 series CPUs. Make sure that your PSU can also supply plenty of 12v rail amps or that will also become a problem under load. Typically you need at least 65 amps or more available on the 12v rail depending on what CPU and GPU card you are running. There are numerous PSU sizing calculators online to help.



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                        Some Air coolers are ok,Some AIO's are good.But don't use less than a 240mm one.

                        Can an AIO cooler leak,sure,can my house get hit by and aircraft,sure,but hasn't yet .I like the looks of some of the air coolers,only problem I see Is having a 3 pound weight hanging off my Mobo.

                        Most "custom" computer builders that are using the 9000 series chips seem to shy away from the Air coolers.


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                        Only Watercooling (AMD or Intel)

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                        Both,watercooling only with FX9000 series

                        watercooling only

                        few air(2),the rest is watercooled