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    Keep flickering in resolution 2560x1440 with Catalyst 15.7.1


      Windows 8.1



      Windows 10


      May I know how to solve it?


      it's work prefectly with other resolution, but my monitor is 2560x1440 monitor

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          Below are the links for all related topics concerning the same problem that I have managed to find on AMD forums:


          R9 290 multi monitor image corruption with Catalyst 15.7, 15.7.1, 15.8, 15.9, 15.10, 15.11


          Horizontal flickering and image tearing in 2D (3 screens, R9 290x), 15.7 and up

          Re: 15.7.1 MAJOR Display Corruption on R9 290 when using Multiple Monitors (Windows 8.1/10)

          Keep flickering in resolution 2560x1440 with Catalyst 15.7.1



          Driver 15.9 Beta is out and users are reporting that the problem persists. Once again (as when 15.8 was released), this bug is not even listed under the "known issues" section of the beta release notes. Please everyone, report this bug to AMD: AMD Issue Reporting Form

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              I've sent a driver bug report to AMD with the following text (below, as inspiration so everyone can send its own report )


              Some users, myself included, are experiencing display corruption when using multiple monitors on R9 series VGAs (including R9 200, R9 300 and Fury series) running Windows 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10 with Catalyst 15.9 beta, 15.8 beta, 15.7.1 and 15.7 beta (the problem did not occur with Catalyst 15.6 beta and previous drivers).


              The following references show some discussions on the matter on AMD forums, including videos showing exactly how the problem appears:








              It seems, so far, that there is not a specific trigger cause, since it randomly starts even when the computer is showing only the desktop. Some users suppose that this problem may be related to memory idle clocks being set too low for multiple monitors, which is partially confirmed by the fact that the display corruption rarely happens while gaming (except when some games, like GTA V, are paused). Other discussions on the community seem to have determined that this bug is affecting setups using Display Port mixed with other interfaces, like DVI and HDMI.

              Temporarily fixes for this issue include enabling / disabling Eyefinity Display Group and VSR when the flickering starts or powering off all the monitors connected via Display Port and than back on.


              I have reported this bug to AMD using the "AMD Issue Reporting Form" since Catalyst 15.7.1 was released, then again when Catalyst 15.8 beta was made available. Unfortunately, not only the problem persists, but also, it is not listed on the "known issues" section of the "beta release notes" for the newly released Catalyst 15.9 beta, which seems to indicate that AMD has not acknowledged the issue. This is very worrying, because this bug is ruining our experience with R9 Series even when performing basic tasks. It should be clear to AMD that this bug affects the root purpose of a VGA, therefore, it's fix should have a higher priority than game specific upgrades, which, unfortunately, are all that the latest AMD drivers are offering. 


              Reverting to Catalyst 15.6 solves the issue, however, we are left without WDDM 2.0 and DirectX 12 support, which is very undesirable.


              I have provided my email to AMD. Please let me know if any further clarifications are needed.



              Additional information about my setup that might be useful:


                  VGAs: Sapphiretech R9 290 Tri-X OC (dual, in Crossfire)

                  Monitors: Three Dell U3014 (one on DVI, two daisy chained on DP, all 2560x1600) and a 1080p TV on HDMI.


              - The three U3014 are always used together (either as individual displays or as a single display using eyefinity), but never together with the TV. When the TV is used, the U3014s are powered off. Whenever the three U3014 are used together (either as individual displays or combined with eyefinity), the issue happens. Using only the TV (U3014s powered off) the problem does not happen.


              - Enabling/disabling eyefinity display group or VSR temporarily solves the problem (setting it to the opposite state that was set when the problem starts).


              - The problem seems to be uncorrelated with Crossfire settings. It happens whether Crossfire is enabled or not.

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              For the people who are using displays with resolution greater than 1080p over Display Port, are you also facing DP screens going completely black for a second or so before returning, sometimes multimple times in succession?


              Appart from the flickering problem, I've always had this aforementioned black screen problem, on different drivers (14.9, 14.12, 15.7, 15.7.1, 15.8, 15.9 and 15.9.1), and always thought it was related to DP cables quality (although I have tried several different cables from different makers). Today, however, I found a thread on this forum from a user facing the same issue (Display randomly going black for a second ), and began wondering if other DP users have the same issue. Could you please provide some feedback on your experience?



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                Just to let you know, the problem persists on 15.11. It's nor worth wasting your time upgrading the driver.

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                  Please add this one to the "list"   https://community.amd.com/thread/191232  Same Issue...

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                    A new major driver release is available, the so called "Crimson Edition". AMD has promissed this driver would address several problems. I haven't had the opportunity to test it yet (and won't be able to do so until late at night), but it might be the solution to our problems.


                    Has anyone given the Crimson Edition Driver a chance? What's the outcome?

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                      I am disgusted to find out that this annoying bug is still present on the new and "revolutionary" Crimson Driver. More than an year has passed, I have sent 25 driver bug reports to AMD (literally) and this issue is still not solved. Considering this bug was first introduced with driver 15.7, and knowing that AMD has the code for version 15.6, which did not have this problem, I can only assume AMD is ignoring its clients and not giving any importance whatsoever to this bug that defeats the fundamental purpose of a video card: to show stable images.


                      From this moment on, I am giving up on AMD. I will try using an active display port multi-stream hub to see if this equipment can somehow "fix" the signal going to the displays. This is the cheapest solution I can think of. If this fails, I will keep using Asus GPU Tweak to overclock my 2D clock settings (which solves the bug, but increases heat dissipation and power consumption) until I can sell both my R9 290 to buy an NVIDIA hardware.


                      I wish the best luck for those who will still wait for a solution coming from AMD. From now on I plan to stay with Intel + Nvidia for several years, until AMD either goes bankrupt for disrespecting its clients or goes through a great change.


                      Best regards, community, and thanks for all the help and support you have given me during this half year facing this hideous software flaw.