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      I am currently having an issue with flickering. See video below.




      This happens very often.


      I was using the 15.7 and 15.7.1 catalyst drivers and still causing this issue. Seems like 15.6 beta doesnt have this issue but it persisted after Windows 10 updated the driver automatically. I am currently using triple monitor setup. Each monitor is using resolution of 2048x1152. 2 of them plugged to DVI port. The third one is a DVI to Active Display Port adapter.


      My Video card is Sapphire R9 290 Edition 1000MHZ 4G GDDR5 5200MHZ 512BIT PCI-E Dual DVI-D/HDMI/DP TRI-X Video Card


      I am using Windows 10


      Anyone have a fix for this?


      It fixes itself when I restart the computer but it appears back after a bit.

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          damn drivers for Windows 10. I have problems with the games. My graphic card is a msi r9 390.


          I'm disillusioned with amd

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              I picked up a 390 recently and I was getting the same screen flickering (in both Windows 8.1 and 10, with 15.7 and 15.7.1). I run 2 monitors at 2560x1440. I was running one with DisplayPort and one with DVI. Last night I switched the DisplayPort to a 2nd DVI port and the issue didn't happen in the 2-3 hours I was on. It usually would by then. I'll know for sure after tonight.


              lefo: Try running off only the DVI ports for a bit and see if it happens. I haven't tried any of the old beta drivers, but you mentioning that 15.6 didn't have issues gives me some hope they can fix this.

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                I have the same problem but only in games, on the desktop and Internet browsing not have the problem. I have a R7 250 and Windows 8.1 64bit and 15.6 Beta drivers did not pass me.

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                  I have same issue however the flickering is worse on mine.


                  I was running windows 7 and regardless 15.7 OR 15.7.1 both experiencing this flickering. 14.12 was the last driver that did not show this problem.


                  I now updated to Windows 10 and cannot install 14.12 - such a shame..


                  Forced to install 15.7.1 to go into this issue will be a pain but oh well.


                  Mines seems to start flickering after exiting a game eg F1 2015.... i can temp fix it by going into the CCC Manager - Desktop Properties and change the refresh rate from 60Hz to 75 (even though mine only does 60Hz).the res changes to a suggested one 3024....... and then i go back to my usual res and it fixes the issue, but this is temporary.. The second i open up quicktime/youtube/VLC player the problem starts again, its also persistent with the mouse cursor moving ie; the faster i move it the more flicker i get....


                  And please dont start with its my cable, my overclocking blah blah.... its the drivers, simple.

                  I am running stock standard cards (R9 290)

                  Cables have been perfect since i built this rig...


                  Also in addition - Changing the Frame pacing to Always on - does nothing

                  Also creating a basic profile and doing a copy and paste of the original XML file into my new basic profile and changing the CoreClockTarget to simple values (30000 for 300Hz) did not resolve the issue)


                  happy to give more info if need be

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                      I have this exact same problem too. This started for me in Win 8.1 after updating to the latest drivers. Then I hoped that updating to Windows 10 might fix it but nope.


                      The only difference is I temporally fix the problem by power cycling both my monitors.


                      This only happens for me on the desktop running 2D apps. If I have a game open on my main monitor and youtube on the 2nd it runs fine, soon as I minimize the game both screens start to flicker until I maximize the game again or power cycle the monitors.


                      I thought people were exaggerating when they said AMD drivers were bad, but this is horrible. Should have bought NVidia but now it's too late because this probably happened after updating driver and broke a perfectly good video card.

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                      I have the same issue: AMD R290X Triple Monitor glitch - YouTube


                      I reinstall the driver like 5 times a day and it is getting really annoying. I have connected 3 monitors, one on HDMI, one on DVI-D and one on DisplayPort.


                      I use a MSI R290X LIGHTNING. Only in 2D indeed.


                      If I use the AMD-Catalyst-15.6-Beta-Software-Suite-Win8.1-64Bit-June22 (yes, beta) drivers (for Windows 8.1) I do not experience the issue, but graphic performance is really poor in that case.

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                          At least the beta driver fixing the issues is good. Hopefully when it is released it will have full performance and fix this damn flickering issue.

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                            If you can i would highly suggest getting 14.12 drivers and using those.... they were the best drivers and didn't experience this flickering issue...


                            My problem is that by having Win 10 - it automatically updates the drivers to this EVERYTIME and its very frustrating, regardless what AMD driver i install OR what update settings i put in win 10.....

                            AMD Software Info.png

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                            Same problem here, only much worse....

                            Look at the videos: XFX R9 280X Black Edition flickering - YouTube and XFX R9 280X Black Edtion flickering v.2 - YouTube


                            Card: XFX R9 280X Black Edition

                            Driver: 15.20

                            Last known driver to work: 13.12 (came in the box and dont work on windows 10 x64)


                            I have connected 3 monitors, two on DVI and one in a mDP to DVI converter to a screen


                            When i had windows 7 installed i tried running with 3, 2 and 1 monitor with no change.


                            Lets hope AMD can fix this mess soon.

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                              Folks, below are the links for all related topics concerning the same problem that I have managed to find on AMD forums:


                              R9 290 multi monitor image corruption with Catalyst 15.7, 15.7.1, 15.8, 15.9, 15.10, 15.11


                              Horizontal flickering and image tearing in 2D (3 screens, R9 290x), 15.7 and up

                              Re: 15.7.1 MAJOR Display Corruption on R9 290 when using Multiple Monitors (Windows 8.1/10)

                              Keep flickering in resolution 2560x1440 with Catalyst 15.7.1



                              Driver 15.9 Beta is out and users are reporting that the problem persists. Once again (as when 15.8 was released), this bug is not even listed under the "known issues" section of the beta release notes. Please everyone, report this bug to AMD: AMD Issue Reporting Form

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                                  I've sent a driver bug report to AMD with the following text (below, as inspiration so everyone can send its own report )


                                  Some users, myself included, are experiencing display corruption when using multiple monitors on R9 series VGAs (including R9 200, R9 300 and Fury series) running Windows 7, 8/8.1 and Windows 10 with Catalyst 15.9 beta, 15.8 beta, 15.7.1 and 15.7 beta (the problem did not occur with Catalyst 15.6 beta and previous drivers).


                                  The following references show some discussions on the matter on AMD forums, including videos showing exactly how the problem appears:








                                  It seems, so far, that there is not a specific trigger cause, since it randomly starts even when the computer is showing only the desktop. Some users suppose that this problem may be related to memory idle clocks being set too low for multiple monitors, which is partially confirmed by the fact that the display corruption rarely happens while gaming (except when some games, like GTA V, are paused). Other discussions on the community seem to have determined that this bug is affecting setups using Display Port mixed with other interfaces, like DVI and HDMI.

                                  Temporarily fixes for this issue include enabling / disabling Eyefinity Display Group and VSR when the flickering starts or powering off all the monitors connected via Display Port and than back on.


                                  I have reported this bug to AMD using the "AMD Issue Reporting Form" since Catalyst 15.7.1 was released, then again when Catalyst 15.8 beta was made available. Unfortunately, not only the problem persists, but also, it is not listed on the "known issues" section of the "beta release notes" for the newly released Catalyst 15.9 beta, which seems to indicate that AMD has not acknowledged the issue. This is very worrying, because this bug is ruining our experience with R9 Series even when performing basic tasks. It should be clear to AMD that this bug affects the root purpose of a VGA, therefore, it's fix should have a higher priority than game specific upgrades, which, unfortunately, are all that the latest AMD drivers are offering. 


                                  Reverting to Catalyst 15.6 solves the issue, however, we are left without WDDM 2.0 and DirectX 12 support, which is very undesirable.


                                  I have provided my email to AMD. Please let me know if any further clarifications are needed.



                                  Additional information about my setup that might be useful:


                                      VGAs: Sapphiretech R9 290 Tri-X OC (dual, in Crossfire)

                                      Monitors: Three Dell U3014 (one on DVI, two daisy chained on DP, all 2560x1600) and a 1080p TV on HDMI.


                                  - The three U3014 are always used together (either as individual displays or as a single display using eyefinity), but never together with the TV. When the TV is used, the U3014s are powered off. Whenever the three U3014 are used together (either as individual displays or combined with eyefinity), the issue happens. Using only the TV (U3014s powered off) the problem does not happen.


                                  - Enabling/disabling eyefinity display group or VSR temporarily solves the problem (setting it to the opposite state that was set when the problem starts).


                                  - The problem seems to be uncorrelated with Crossfire settings. It happens whether Crossfire is enabled or not.

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                                  For the people who are using displays with resolution greater than 1080p over Display Port, are you also facing DP screens going completely black for a second or so before returning, sometimes multimple times in succession?


                                  Appart from the flickering problem, I've always had this aforementioned black screen problem, on different drivers (14.9, 14.12, 15.7, 15.7.1, 15.8, 15.9 and 15.9.1), and always thought it was related to DP cables quality (although I have tried several different cables from different makers). Today, however, I found a thread on this forum from a user facing the same issue (Display randomly going black for a second ), and began wondering if other DP users have the same issue. Could you please provide some feedback on your experience?



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                                      I've had this happen to me. I have 1x DP centre screen and 2x DVI (left and right screens)


                                      On startup of PC it varies, sometimes left screen, sometimes right screen and rarely its the centre. Just goes black prior to login and will stay black until i power cycle the monitor.


                                      Problem is windows still detects the monitor as displaying correctly and will not resize the resolution - once i power cycle it - everything moves because it then senses that 1 monitor has gone and come back... annoying but not that frequent thankfully,

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                                      This is odd. I had this problem ever since updating the drivers last time. Until today. I just bought a new 4K monitor and replaced my old 1920" x 1200" dell monitor. All I did was switch displays used the same cables etc. Ever since I started using the new monitor I have not seen the flickering (it's only been a day so far), where as before I would see the flickering after an hour or two of use.


                                      Maybe it's a driver interaction with old display port implementations?

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                                        Same problem here with a W8100... not good!


                                        Windows 10, driver: 15.20

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                                          Please add this one to the "list"   https://community.amd.com/thread/191232  Same Issue...

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                                            A new major driver release is available, the so called "Crimson Edition". AMD has promissed this driver would address several problems. I haven't had the opportunity to test it yet (and won't be able to do so until late at night), but it might be the solution to our problems.


                                            Has anyone given the Crimson Edition Driver a chance? What's the outcome?

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                                              I am disgusted to find out that this annoying bug is still present on the new and "revolutionary" Crimson Driver. More than an year has passed, I have sent 25 driver bug reports to AMD (literally) and this issue is still not solved. Considering this bug was first introduced with driver 15.7, and knowing that AMD has the code for version 15.6, which did not have this problem, I can only assume AMD is ignoring its clients and not giving any importance whatsoever to this bug that defeats the fundamental purpose of a video card: to show stable images.


                                              From this moment on, I am giving up on AMD. I will try using an active display port multi-stream hub to see if this equipment can somehow "fix" the signal going to the displays. This is the cheapest solution I can think of. If this fails, I will keep using Asus GPU Tweak to overclock my 2D clock settings (which solves the bug, but increases heat dissipation and power consumption) until I can sell both my R9 290 to buy an NVIDIA hardware.


                                              I wish the best luck for those who will still wait for a solution coming from AMD. From now on I plan to stay with Intel + Nvidia for several years, until AMD either goes bankrupt for disrespecting its clients or goes through a great change.


                                              Best regards, community, and thanks for all the help and support you have given me during this half year facing this hideous software flaw.

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                                                16.1.1 Fixed it for me! So far...


                                                I have a triple 1920x1080 monitor setup with a MSI R9 390X, the side monitors running DVI and the primary monitor running DisplayPort to DVI with active adapter and I am running on windows 10. I have had this issue for the pas 6 months or so.


                                                I simply uninstalled the old drivers and software completely > Rebooted > Installed the new 16.1.1 drivers as Administrator > Rebooted


                                                I did not install Gaming Evolved app and I am running an overclock of 1150 MHz on the core and 1600 MHz on the memory with MSI Afterburner (with PowerPlay). My idle frequencies are 300 MHz on the core and 150 MHz on the memory.


                                                It's been 3 days now, roughly 15 hours of computer use with web browsing, gaming, watching videos and the issue has not come back for me yet.



                                                Technical details :


                                                That issue is a memory issue caused by AMD PowerPlay, the technology that let your GPU core and memory run at lower frequency when not being used. Prior to 16.1.1, my memory frequency would generally stay at idle speed "150 MHz" even when watching videos and browsing the web. It would sometime go above that but never past "600 MHz" and it would drop back to "150 MHZ" even while watching videos and other demanding 2D applications. Since 16.1.1, my memory will go directly from "150 MHz" to "1600 MHz" as soon as 2D processing is required.

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                                                  Has anyone fix the problem with these stupid drivers that fix nothing but one individual thing? they are advertising 4k like if its stable on their drivers while Nvidia is sitting back and laughing at AMD GPU users.... i bought a club 3d hmdi 2.0 adapter and i also bought a club 3d hdmi 2.0 premium certified cable to fix this issue. So far it has somewhat fixed it but it randomly turns my 4k screen black, not only through game but also while browsing the internet sometimes. The flickering happens and splits my screen during game time, which is so annoying. since i got the certified hdmi 2.0 by club 3d the flickering and turning black screen has been fixed by a lot because it doesn't happen as often as when i use to use a Monster Hdmi cable that claimed to do 4k with the correct transfer data but was not premium certified. So i figured its the drivers and AMD has still not found the problem which is annoying.... all of us are talking about it and this company just taking the money. If anyone knows of a good driver that can be used to address this screen problem with 3840x2160 or 4096x2160  resolutions please reply, im starting to give up on this company. Have been a loyal AMD fan for a while and even my whole rig is AMD as well as my cpu and SSD's. Spent over 3k+ on this pc trying to make it the right color and hardware specifically for AMD only. thanks