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Issues with laptop HD 5650 with Windows 10

Question asked by dyosy on Aug 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2015 by a77ii

This is a strange issue.


I have an HP Pavilion dv6-3050us. Specs can be found here: HP Laptop Pavilion DV6-3050US AMD Phenom II Quad-Core N930 (2.0GHz) 4GB Memory 640GB HDD ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 15.…


In short, I have an AMD processor and an AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5650. Upon fresh install of Windows 10, I received a popup from Catalyst Control Center telling me that no AMD graphics drivers were detected for my AMD graphics card. I checked the device manager, and, under the display drivers, 2 drivers were listed:

AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000 series

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 series


with a note that the 5000 series driver was disabled because of an issue. Checking DxDiag, it showed that the device was using Microsoft Basic Display Drivers. In an attempt to remedy this issue, I reset my computer multiple times, clean installed the AMD drivers twice, and played with disabling or uninstalling one of the 2 drivers and resetting. This is what I discovered:


By uninstalling or disabling the 4200 series driver I can force the computer to recognize the 5000 series driver as my graphics card driver. In this case, my videogames run exactly as they did on Windows 7, as desired. However, once I have the 5000 series drivers running, alt-tab, task view, Windows app store, the Settings app, and Tablet Mode all stop working. If I attempt to use any of them except Tablet Mode, the screen flickers, I get a loading wheel next to my mouse, the icons disappear and reappear on my task bar, and then nothing happens. If I attempt to use Tablet Mode, the screen continuously flickers to the point that the computer is completely unusable.


I can also force the computer to use the 4200 series driver or the Microsoft Basic Display driver in a similar manner to the 5000 series driver. In this case, all of the aforementioned apps work exactly as intended, but my games do not. Team Fortress 2 was my test game. With the 5000 series drivers I consistently got 30-45 fps. With the 4200 series drivers I got 3-6 fps. With the Microsoft Basic Display Drivers I got 1 fps.


Another thing to note is that when I used the AMD driver detection tool, it said I have an HD 4200 series graphics card, which is not true. Also, when I attempted to clean install the AMD drivers in Safe Mode, it failed because the installer failed to detect my system hardware.


I want to be able to play my games and use my OS at the same time. My questions then are this:

1. Why is AMD detecting 2 graphics cards when I clearly only have 1?

2. Why is the 5000 series driver not automatically used?

3. What is causing apps to not work when the 5000 series driver is used?

4. Are there any other possible fixes I can use?

5. Is this an issue with Windows or the Drivers?


Any help you can offer would be beneficial. Thank you.