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    Windows 10 - Radeon HD 4870 - Problem


      Hallo zusammen,


      ich habe gestern auf Windows 10 geupgradet. Leider unterstützt die Catalyst 15.7.1 nicht die HD 4xxx Karten.


      Nun habe ich diesen blöden Overscan, also schwarze Balken am Rand durch die Skalierung.


      Ältere Catalyst Treiber lassen sich leider nicht installieren.






      Dear all,


      yesterday i had upraded to Windows 10. Unfortunately the catalyst 15.7.1 will not support the HD 4xxx Cards.


      Now i have the f...... overscan, i mean the black edges.


      i am not able to installl older catalyst Driver.



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          I have a Radeon HD 4890 and I have the same issue. I hope they'll release support for it !

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            Upgrade to a GCN card (HD 7000 series or newer), as the HD 4000 series does not meet the requirements of Windows 8.1 nor 10.

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              Hi, to anyone that is having this problem.....100% Working, Easy Enough, and 100% WORKS!!!  After a few hours researching i came across (NOTA) This is what he posted if you havent found it already LEGACY AMD HD 4000, 3000, 2000 Series Cards on Windows 10.  Thank you and Enjoy....



              Hello everyone,


              I made the jump today to Windows 10 and like many other legacy (mobility) card users the support isn't there (yet),. besides the drivers automatically installed by Windows. Therefore, I thought I'd make a quick guide of how I got the following drivers installed on my laptop and have the Catalyst Control Center up and running. They are basically the same steps which I had to do with Windows 8.1 to get everything running.


              Drivers installed with this guide: Legacy

              Windows version: Windows 10 Home x64

              Laptop: Toshiba L500-1ZP (2010)


              I suppose the following steps should also work for graphics card considered legacy now for desktops, however, do note that I applied these steps for my laptop (Toshiba L500-1ZP) with a rebranded Mobility Radeon 4650 (5650).


              Credit goes to this page as its the guide I used to get it to work on Windows 8.1 previously.




              1: Download the legacy driver for your system and run the installer but close it after it unpacked all the installation files to C:\AMD

              2: Open Device Manager

              3: Under Display adapters right click on adapter used in your system and click Update Driver Software

              4: Click on the second option Browse my computer for driver software

              5: Click Let me pick from a list of device... in the next menu and Have Disk... on the following.

              6: Click Browse on the pop-up menu and go to C:\AMD\AMD_Catalyst_13.4_Legacy_Beta_Vista_Win7_Win8\Packages\Drivers\Display\W86A_INF

              7: Select the first .inf file - In my case this is: C7156445.inf - and click open.

              8: Select the model from the list that corresponds to your hardware (there were two of the same in my case so I just clicked the first) and click Next. Afterwards the driver should install accompanied with several screen flickers.

              9. Now re-run the legacy driver installer from AMD and have it install the Catalyst Control Center.

              10. Restart the computer if you'd like.


              This got it to work on my system and allows me to use CCC on Windows 10 with a Legacy (mobility) card.


              I attached two screenshots below one of CCC and another of the Device Manager to show the drivers that are installed now on my system. It is important to note that the Driver Version installed according to the device manager is 8.970.100.0 - in my case - which is different from the version installed automatically by Windows 10 has different numbers.


              I hope this helps some people along using older hardware but wanting to use Windows 10.


              Device Manager Info.jpgCatalyst 13.4 (Windows 10).jpg

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                I have MSI ATI HD 4870 1GB, first I have downloaded the last Catalyst, and in this package a new driver exist for my card (ID:1002 DEV:9440) but the catalyst dont work !

                (Driver version : 15.200.1062.1002)


                After test I have installed the 13.1 driver (for Windows 8.0) and after the catalyst and driver work (Framework 3.5 needed.)

                But Direct X say unsigned driver it's bad, and so on .... (the game are poor ! confirmed ...)


                Finaly I h'ave installed the Windows 10 default Driver (8.970.100.9001 signed) and Catalyst 13.1 without the driver ... (13.1 driver version : 8.970.100.7000)



                I think it's the best comprimise...

                No thank you to AMD !

                It's sentimantal i dont change my card ;-) I think...

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                    Now I have formated my PC, and problem to restore my good config...



                    When Tuto :



                    - Install Framework 3.5 CMD as Admin: Dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /All /Source%hereDVDLetter%:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess

                    - Install Drivers Catalyst 13.1 (with original bad driver for Windows 7)

                    - Force the bad driver if is not installed automaticly*

                    - Reboot

                    - Rigth click on desktop and run catalyst (in theory it start.)

                    - Now your catalist have a configuration to your graphic card.

                    - if you delete the bad 7 driver it reinstall the official driver for Windows 10.


                    In this configuration the catalyst work with the basic Windows 10 driver for ATI HD4870.



                    * Right click on this PC and Manage

                         -in péripherial select your graphic card

                         -right click and update the driver

                         -select 13-1-legacy_vista_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc\Packages\Drivers\Display\W86A_INF

                         - Next and select the first compatible driver.

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                    I have always been an AMD supporter.

                    But over dealing with Drivers and crap over the last 12 months, The hardware upgrade I am doing next week will have to be all Intel.

                    I run a Phenom2 940 and 2 * ATI Radeon 4890 cards. If there not going to be support for hardware I maintain keep clean and operational, than its good by AMD.

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                      Please refer to the following document for details of driver support for legacy products under Windows 10.


                      Windows® 10 Driver Support for Discrete AMD Radeon™ Graphics Products

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                          All this is doing is ensuring is that many of the shrinking number of people who will still consider AMD will buy only Intel/NVIDIA forevermore.  Many know the "supported" Mobility Radeon 5xxx which has had eternally unpatched black screen problems since Catalyst 13.4.  AMD just isn't a serious company anymore.  Meanwhile, the nine year old Geforce 8 series are supporting Windows 10 just fine.   I've been using AMD products for 25 years as well as deployed Opteron at work, but after this I'm done.

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                            Hi it's a joke !


                            Yes, your link is very official, the HD 4000 series is uncompatible with Windows 10. (WDDM 1.2 !)


                            Big smyle, my driver was downloaded by the official Windows Update. (yes is only the WDDM 1.1)


                            In my case, if my driver is not a WDDM 1.2 is not important...


                            Important for me :

                                 - Graphic card dont crash

                                 - Manage my card with the catalyst my card.

                                 - Graphic card work well for the games. (DX 10.1)

                                 - Graphic card play the movies well


                            It's exact is not official, but it's work well. (signed for me if you want ;-)


                            Refer to my precedent post to install the catalyst.

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