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So I installed Windows 10 yesterday from ISO . Fresh Install.


However, after the install and the setup, it crashes before logging in with a BSOD saying INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR.


From there, it just goes into a continuous reboot loop with the same error over and over again. The problem is the AMD drivers. It took me a couple hours to figure this out after reinstalling a couple times.


I had to skip the Wifi setup part in order to log in so that the setup would not download the drivers from WU.


I thought the problem was the WU drivers so when I logged in without the wifi, I installed 15.7.1 drivers from this website. As soon as the install completed, the OS crashed.


So that driver is failing and the one from windows update is failing as well. I had to install the Windows 10 tool to hide updates.


Dell Vostro 3560

3rd gen Ivy bridge

8GB Mem

750GB Hdd

Radeon HD 7670m


Any advice? Wait for a new update?