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    AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 HDMI sound conflict




      I am using a Radeon HD 6800 series card with Windows 7 64bit on an asus motherboard with Pentium core i7 processor. previous to updating to catalyst 15.7.1 I was running my LG LED TV as my primary display via HDMI with no issues. after updating I get no sound via HDMI. I have ensured that my TV is set to primary display as well as sound profile. When I right click and test the AMD HDMI audio out it says that it is being used by another application. I have updated my sound drivers, that didnt work, I removed my sound drivers, didnt work, I have set the preferences to disallow one program to take primary control, nothing. I've been at this for about 4-5 hours and I cant find a fix that works. Can anyone out there save me from this silent hell?!

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          I have the same problem only I have a Radeon 5800 series card.

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            I've got a solution.


            Right click on the AMD HDMI audio out. Click on preferences and then in Generel "information about controller" you click on preferences aswell (my version is on Danish, so I'm not sure this is exactly what they are called in the English version). Then "Preferences for AMD High Definition Audio Device" opens. Here you click on the "Change settings" button, then the same window opens, but in administrator mode. Then you click on the fan "Driver" and then click on "Cancel opdate". This will go back to the previous sound driver that worked.


            This worked for me, hope it does for you aswell.

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              I currently have the very same issue and same errors. No sound from IE, WMP, Kodi, WMC. Attempting to force it to test for sound brings me the same message "Being used by another application". This happen shortly after updating but I did not noticed it immediately because I was busy on another job. I have AMD 6450, and using HDMI connection only. You can roll back the audio driver alone without rolling back the rest of AMD software drivers. Which is what vengse suggested, it worked for me. If you need help rolling back your audio driver let us know.


              I reinstalled the latest driver multiple times and the issue is always replicated. If you lose audio through your HDMI connection, when you download the latest driver do a custom install and uncheck HDMI AUDIO Driver and AMD Gaming evolved app. If you have already installed the latest driver you can uninstall the entire suite through add and remove option in control panel or you can go to Device Manager and roll back the AMD High Definition Audio Device under "Sound, video and game controllers".

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                  I have gone to the properties and driver control panel but the Roll Back feature is grayed out. it says no previous version available. then when i tried to uninstall the whole suite all i find in add/remove is a program labeled installer. is this the one im looking for?

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                    I have exactly the same problem as the OP, except my system is an A8-3850 APU (Radeon HD-6550D) with no secondary graphics. Sound is gone. Setting HDMI audio as the default has no effect. Trying to test it results in a "being used by another application" error, when it isn't as far as I can tell. It seems the driver simply can't load properly.


                    I would have just rolled back the HDMI driver, but I also noticed severe degradation in both 2D and 3D graphics performance, so I used the AMD cleaner tool and reverted to an older version of Catalyst (14.4), which now works perfectly.


                    Looks like 15.7.1 is badly broken, so I'm just going to have to skip it. Finding and downloading older releases of Catalyst was a bit of a pain, however, which is especially a problem when the latest release simply doesn't work, so unless AMD is going to greatly improve their QA process then they should probably think about providing links to at least one older version alongside the new one, each time they do a release, so people don't have to go to dodgy warez sites looking for drivers when the latest one is broken.

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                      This worked perfectly! I went in the "Manage" by right clicking"Computer" to get to "sound, Video, and game controllers".


                      I signed up just to say thanks!

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                      Same Here. The driver rollback worked but its just a bandage. Its a pain when you do an update and then have to search google to figure out why it broke you computer.

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                        if you have windows go to sound settings you will see what speakers you are currently using change it to hdmi output as primary

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                            I had already checked this carefully.  AMD HDMI sound is the default.  However, I cannot configure the speakers with HDMI output.  I try to select a 5.1 speaker configuration.  Testing the sound output of any configuration generates a failure message.  At the end of the configuration script (any configuration), I get a message saying that the configuration is not supported.  On the device tab, Windows does say that the device is working properly.


                            Although Windows claims that the device is working properly, If I try to play any sound at all, I get a message indicating that the device is busy or incorrectly installed.


                            Reverting to an older driver restores the sound.

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                            So i ended up rolling back the driver and everything works, dont install the new driver till its fixed

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                              i had the same issue with 5770. alternatively you can roll back the driver via the control panel rather than redownload and install all of catalyst to the last verions. the version i got to work was


                              cpanel sound>select device>properties>properties (controller information)>change settings (for admin privelages, yellow shield)>driver tab>rollback driver.

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                                Same problem here like many people. The moment I made a mistake of "upgrading" up to 15.7.1 I had no sound.


                                The so called "correct answer" (which tacitly admits that 15.7.1 is in effect broken and somebody at AMD should be pulled into the HR office and have their salary reviewed) has a small issue. At least for me, (using 5770) the rollback driver option was greyed. Everything is perfect... Except that I can't hear any sound.


                                Well I found a solution that worked for me. Surprisingly the correct answer was posted back in March of 2013 by someone on Eight Forum (btw I'm on Windows 7 so it applies to 7 too) which indicates that this issue is recurring and AMD should really get their act together.


                                Follow steps in this post:


                                Solved FIX - AMD HDMI no sound output to monitor speakers

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                                  Thank you for the solution, rolling back to previous version fixed my sound issues


                                  Thank You

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                                    Same problem here - though I can connect to the HDMI sound device when first installing. However, when my computer hibernates, I can no longer connect to the default audio device. In fact, it does not show up in the Windows 8.1 list of available audio devices after the computer wakes from hibernation. I then have to reboot to get 15.7.1 to find the default audio device. I am on Windows 8.1 x64, A10-7850K apu, using HDMI audio connected to a Yamaha RX-A1030 receiver and an LG 50PA6500 TV as the display which is connected to the HDMI output of the RX-A1030.


                                    What I did was to uninstall 15.7.1 completely. After removing 15.7.1, I went to the C:\AMD directory, opened the 14.12 "Omega" directory, and ran setup. That reinstalled the 14.12 Omega drivers. There are no problems that I know of when using 14.12. I will wait to update until AMD fixes this problem. Unless you have specifically deleted the drivers from this directory or told the installer to place the files in another directory, that is the default location where the driver installer unpacks and saves all the driver files.

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                                      Same problem here with a HD6850 / windows 7 64bits, / Phenom II X3

                                      uninstall everything AMD related, then the sound issue was solved.

                                      then installed 17.5.1 and the problem arise again, then roll back to previous hdmi audio output driver and the sound is here again!


                                      Thanks a lot!

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                                        I had the same problem with my older ATI Radeon 5800. I rolled back the drivers and uninstalled the ATI control panel leaving the driver alone in the uninstall menu. Not only did I get my HDMI sound back, I also got my default resolution 1920x1080 back which I had lost with a past version of the ATI control panel.


                                        I figure I am good with the older driver and am steering clear of any further updates as they seem to just add troubleshooting time to my day, with added bloat wear.

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                                          I know this an older post, but I had run into the same exact issue with 15.7.1. I followed the various instructions here without success as I had no option to rollback a driver and Microsoft's generic drivers kept installing. I finally gave in and decided to try the 15.9.1 Beta and it works. AMD resolved the issue.

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                                            I registered just to let you know that I can confirm what @stryke_the_orc said: with newest BETA drivers sound is back.

                                            Installed drivers are:

                                            BETA 15.10

                                            Driver Packaging Version: 15.201.1151.1005-151012a-295347E-ATI


                                            However, I have to check if some games are working correct because since 15.x version there were graphic problems in some games, i.e GRID Autosport.



                                            EDIT: unfortunately, there are still problems with graphic in Autosport and nothing changed. :/

                                            However, I can live with that till fixed version will appear.

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                                              It might be a good idea to start from a clean install of your drivers.

                                              Before doing the following steps, turn off the automatic Windows updates and disconnect your HDMI cable from your computer.


                                              Note : it's always better to uninstall a driver or program under "safe mode", just to be sure that everything will be deleted


                                              For Windows 7 users (should work for win 8, 8.1 & 10 too)

                                              Step 1 : Uninstall your drivers

                                              • On your keyboard pressWin + R.png  (or click on Start then go directly on search box and type the command  just below)
                                              • On the "run" box type : mmc devmgmt.msc (if you can't go by admin just type devmgmt.msc it should work too)
                                              • On the "Device Manager" window if there is any exclamation mark just right-click on it and click on "uninstall" (for all of it)
                                              • Still on the "Device Manager" window go to "sound, video and game controllers" and click on it to view the tree
                                              • On this tree do right-click on every audio device and click on "uninstall"


                                              Step 2 : Uninstall AMD programs

                                              • On your keyboard pressWin + R.png (or click on Start then go directly on search box and type the command  just below)
                                              • On the "run" box type : appwiz.cpl (you can also go to "control panel" and "Programs and Features")
                                              • On "Programs and Features" window uninstall every AMD stuff
                                              • Reboot your computer




                                              Step 3 : Install your new and fresh drivers

                                              If you aren't sure about your device name you can download Speccy portable* (which doesn't request any installation) and see the exact name of your devices and your computer configuration.

                                              • Go to : Download Drivers  (AMD Drivers + Support)
                                              • Either you can choose "Automatically Detect and Install Your Driver" or "Manually Select Your Driver"


                                              If you choose "Automatically Detect and Install Your Driver" just download the program and follow the steps.

                                              If you choose "Manually Select Your Driver" be sure to identify the good hardware, so make sure check on Speccy* for the exact name


                                              By the way, on the very same page you can see "Latest AMD Catalyst Drivers and Software" (I personnaly choose mine from there directly, because it was easier to find drivers for my HD 5000 Series)


                                              Final Step : Make sure everything work


                                              After the installation, reboot your computer and make sure everything work (don't forget to plug your cable back to your computer lol)
                                              If it still doesn't work and since you perform a clean install, refere to "vengse" answer because this worked for my other computer.



                                              *you can download Speccy portable (or with installer also) here


                                              p.s: sorry for my english but it's not my first language and I tried to do my best (feel free to correct my faults)

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                                                I confirm the same issue, I wonder why AMD still distribute this (so) bugged version driver with an issue older more than 4 months and that invalidate the use of the PC

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                                                    There is no need to uninstall everything if Your problem was created by an update to this bugged version,


                                                    1. open control panel
                                                    2. select to uninstall "AMD Catalyst Install Manager"
                                                    3. select "change"
                                                    4. select first option "Uninstall Manager"
                                                    5. select custom uninstall
                                                    6. choose to remove only current version
                                                    7. then select to uninstall only "AMD audio driver"



                                                    Hope this helps

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                                                        Siento no poder responder en tu idioma. Muchas gracias me funciono perfectamente.

                                                        Panel de control/ desinstalar programa/ hubicar AMD Catalyst Install Manager y darle ¨cambar¨/

                                                        siguiente/ Desinstalar administrador/ Personalizado/ Versión actual / una vez que se carga la lista, tildar audio hdmi (no recuerdo bien que decía, pues ya no lo tengo) pero solo tildar audio hdmi para desinstalarlo.

                                                        Ya tengo sonido otra vez. Muchas gracias Canapi


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                                                      Guaranteed Solution:

                                                      1. PC > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Hardware > Device Installation Settings > Choose "No", this will disable Auto Update. Proceed to Step 2.


                                                      2. PC > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Hardware > Device Manager > Uninstall everything under the "Sound, video and game controllers". Do not forget to tick the "Delete all installation folders" while uninstalling your graphics cards (AMD) sound driver. Proceed to step 3.


                                                      3. Disconnect your PC from internet and run the sound troubleshooter. (Just click on the sound button in bottom right corner). Windows will auto install "Digital Audio (HDMI)". Connect to the internet, your playback device will update itself one last time and install amd over the "Digital Audio (HDMI)". Right click it, go to properties and just do a driver rollback. This will prevent any future auto updates and you'll get a working standard "Digital Audio (HDMI)" as a playback device.


                                                      4. F..THANK YOU AMD. I'VE SPENT 48 HOURS TO FIX YOUR S..PROBLEM. GREAT SUPPORT M...F...FRIENDS

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                                                        I installed today the latest Catalyst driver for a HD 6570 card. The result is no longer working HDMI Audio out.

                                                        After rolling back to the last version HDMI Audio is back.

                                                        Seems like the issue is known for a while based

                                                        Is there a true fix on the horizon from AMD? After all AMD still claims support for HDMI audio out...

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                                                          Nearly a year later and still no fix from AMD and I haven't even seen an official acknowledgement of the issue. All I can do is WOW at the poor support they have for their products.


                                                          I came from several Nvidia cards and my most recent upgrade, I thought I would try AMD because it was a bit cheaper and nearly identical benchmarks to higher priced Nvidia cards. This was a big mistake and I can guarantee I won't be buying another AMD card for a long time. It doesn't matter that I saved $10 when the card is still functionally broken due to bad drivers that still haven't been fixed in a year.


                                                          Sure my Nvidia cards had a driver issue or two, but Nvidia always acknowledged and fixed within at least a few weeks or at the very least they would pull the bad drivers from their website.


                                                          Here we are a year later and the broken 15.7.1 driver is still the recommended driver on AMD's site!

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                                                            Ok, I'm going to make this very easy. Use It's not hard to fix this and do it the right way with a better HDMI driver then provided. This should work for anyone that has the realtek high definition drivers for their secondary/onboard audio



                                                            Here are the steps:

                                                            1. Download the AMD 15.7.1 driver if not already done

                                                            2. Download the latest realtek high definition audio driver and ATI HDMI Audio Device driver from Realtek <-click there to go to the Realtek Site - click the link that says "High Definition Audio Codecs (Software)" when you are in the downloads area on the Realtek site - you will be choosing either 32bits Vista, Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1, Windows10 Driver only (Executable file) or 64bits Vista, Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1, Windows10 Driver only (Executable file) depending on if you have the 32 or 64 bit version of windows.

                                                            3. On this same page also download the "ATI HDMI Audio Device" driver - This driver is a much higher quality driver and will allow you to have full surround sound if needed

                                                            4. Uninstall the realtek audio drivers from the control panel uninstall area - if you don't have a realtek audio option listed in the uninstall area you can just try to skip the realtek steps ( don't uninstall realtek network drivers!) - you will still have to install the."ATI HDMI Audio Device" driver you downloaded no matter what. - reboot

                                                            5. Uninstall all AMD/ATI display drivers including the HDMI Driver - if you don't have amd chipset drivers you can use the express uninstall for all ATI software - reboot

                                                            6. Install 15.7.1 drivers using the custom option - uncheck HDMI driver and Raptor (unless your really want raptor - most people don't and if you don't know what it is, you definitely dont!) - reboot

                                                            7. Install the realtek drivers you downloaded - reboot

                                                            8. Install the "ATI HDMI Audio Device" driver you downloaded - reboot

                                                            9. Verify that your primary playback device is set to HDMI - you can do this by right clicking on your volume icon by your clock and choosing "Playback devices" - you can also do this by going to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound and clicking on sound and making sure you are on the playback tab. Now right click on the HDMI option and choose "Set as Default Device" or left click on the HDMI option and click the Set Default button at the bottom. Now everything should be working!

                                                            10. IF you have sound out of the HDMI port now, you don't have to change anything, but if you are using 5.1 or other surround you should check the sound settings and make sure you are set to surround and not stereo. You can do this from the same playback tab in step 7 by highlighting the HDMI device in the list and then clicking the configure button below.


                                                            Everything should be working!

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                                                              windows 10 automatically updated my Radeon R7 240 Graphic card after few days my sound is gone.

                                                              then i updated the drivers the latest drivers available from AMD web site. it worked for few days again then stop working again.

                                                              I wish i got nvidia graphic card now.

                                                              its 18th August 2016 i have the latest drivers for my R7 240 still no fix?

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                                                                1. Right click your sound icon (next to the clock) and click "sound devices"

                                                                2. Right click "ATI HDMI Output" and click "properties"
                                                                3. In the middle of the page that comes up click "properties" again.

                                                                4. click "change settings".

                                                                5. go to "driver tab".

                                                                6. "Update Driver".

                                                                7. "Browse my computer for driver software".

                                                                8. "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer".

                                                                9.Try to choose another drivers in dialog model.