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AMD Catalyst Control Center is gone in 15.7/Windows 10 build 10240

Question asked by tek on Jul 28, 2015
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I just upgraded to the latest Window 10 build, 10240, x64, Pro.

Afterwards I installed the lastet AMD Drivers and Catalyst Control Center (15.7).

Now AMD Catalyst Center is not to be found on the computer, but the AMD installation claims that it is installed.


A couple of things to notice:

I have been using Windows 10 for a long time (on the fast track).

Yesterday I installed 15.7 on the previous build and it worked just fine. After updating to the latest windows edition I reinstalled AMD (same install file that worked before) - and now I can no longer find Catalyst Control Center.

Also Catalyst Control Center is no longer available if i right click on the desktop.


I'm having a HD5470 card. Intel Quad 2 CPU.


Is this a bug or what's up?

How can I get access to Catalyst Control Center?