Video Converters fail to enable GPU Acceleration in HD6850 Graphics Cards

Discussion created by amdheaven on Jul 21, 2015
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Both Wondershare and Pavtube fail to accept GPU acceleration with my pair of XFX HD6850 graphics cards in crossfire or as a single card.

Windows 7-64, AMD FX8120 with 16gigs RAM, 512 gig SSD and 6tb Storage volume.  Tried older AMD Vision driver and current Catalyst Control Center 15.7 and no joy.

While Wondershare seems to be the only Video Converter using all 8 of my cores, none of them allow for GPU Encoding or Decoding.

I did get Pavtube to allow Encoding by using the 12.3 driver and uninstalling the AMD APP SDK package, however it was still taking over an hour to encode 4 hours of video.

Running dxdiag showed no problems with DirectX.

Both of these companies state support for the HD6850 chipset and XFX uses the AMD drivers and not their own.

Neither Pavtube nor Wondershare can give a reason for this incompatibility, except to say that sometimes they aren't supporting all graphics cards with a given chipset for reasons they can't convey.

So what can be done to allow what seems like ANY Video converting software to be able to use GPU acceleration?