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AMD R9 380 Series, Battlefield Hardline FPS drops.

Question asked by fujiyama-95 on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by amdmatt

Hi there I recently purchased an AMD R9 380 Series GPU so I can play Battlefield Hardline as the GPU was advertised for the game. But when playing it I will get FPS drops during firefights. Can anybody please help me out here? I feel like I got ripped off really. My Raptr Gaming Evolved app is telling me I can run this on the Ultra Preset but yet when I change my settings to any of the presets in-game I experience an FPS drop no matter what during populated server firefights. It will drop down to 45 - 40s. When I get about 80 - 90 FPS EASILY on low populated servers! Why is it my new GPU cannot perform in heavy populated server firefights but yet older GPUs can with no issues ? I've contacted EA support and EvenBalance support so this is my last resort. I don't want to think I've wasted $200 + USD on a card that won't even run the game I purchased it for. Please AMD support help me!



GPU : AMD R9 380 Series

CPU : Intel i5 3.30 GHz