New update causes green screen on Adobe flash player while acceleration box is  checked

Discussion created by don976 on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2015 by stvol

got the pop up notification that there was an update for the AMD driver & suite, so I downloaded & installed it   After the install & reboot I noticed that on  websites  with  Adobe flash  videos, many of the flash player videos where now either green screen or had horizontal Multicolored lines or dots on them, they had sound but no video,.So I bought  up the  settings for the flash player & unchecked the acceleration box and reloaded the page and it solved the problem, To make sure I went back to the checked  box, and the video screen was green again, unchecked it again it was fine ,    does anyone  know why  this happening?  and  or  how  I  can fix it  so that I  can  have  video  acceleration back ,


I am  running  AMD Catalyst software suite  version 15.20.1046-150622a-186190C  on Windows 8.1  using  Google  Chrome