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AMD FX8350 temps

Question asked by joshuagarvin on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by joshuagarvin


I just installed a new fx8350 chip.

However in the begining I tried to install an aftermarket cooler

So I applied the paste.  a thin layer  (the Pea method)

however I had a lot of trouble with the cooler and decided to switch to the factory cooler and the install went much better.

But I think the cooler came with it's own thermal paste.

I am wondering i I over applied?

Also my standard idle temps are about 45 degrees C in the bios,  right around 48 in windows.

When I really push the CPU   loading Unreal 4 engine.  the temps go over 60 degrees C

Do I have a temp issue?

Have I applied too much thermal paste?

Or is this normal?


Thank you!