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Radeon HD 6870 driver usage problem

Question asked by kren3 on Jun 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by jman5681

I have Radeon HD 6870 in my PC with I-5 which has integrated graphic card, 2 monitors with VGA plug-in cables and one VGA to DVI converter. Because graphic card only has one DVI port I have one of the monitors plugged into integrated graphic card VGA port. Also, I'm using windows 8.1.


This setup worked relatively well for a while now. Yesterday when I was playing a game my main monitor (the one plugged into my radeon) suddenly produced giant horizontal white lines and my computer froze. After a while I decided to reboot the PC, but it didn't work. Not putting much thought about that fact I just pressed and held the power button until PC shut down. When I powered it on everything worked as normal until PC should display log-in screen. At that point the screen was black for a long while. After a few minutes I tried to reset the PC again, but I wasn't able to (nothing happens). Power button was the only thing I could use. Than I started playing around for a bit...


Long story short, the conclusion is that monitor plugged into my radeon only works before windows finishes booting (before log-in screen), in safe mode or if my graphic card driver is disabled. Installing newest drivers will produce same results (black screen, inability to reset my PC <- don't know how this is possible though). It's kind of hard to make tests because once graphic card freezes the PC I have to force shut down it, try catching windows boot options (F8), force restart in safe mode and disable driver while in safe mode just for my PC to actually work.


So what do you guys think? Did my radeon bite the dust ?


Regards, Erik