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    XFX Support, reporting in


      Hey Guys,


      This is Mark from XFX Support, reporting in.


      I have this account linked to my support account email at mark@xfxforce.com.

      If you have any questions or issues with a faulty card, please let me know.  You can PM me the thread, call us at 800 880 3225, or make a ticket at xfxsupport.com


      Thank you

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          Thanks Mark...I have bookmarked this. It's great to have a company support agent here FYI Guru 3D has a AMD support guy on their forum...we have to go there to get the latest dope and repost it on the AMD forum Go figure..

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            nice to see XFX here, in case anyone needs RMA etc

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              Could use some assistance please.


              Built a gaming rig for my stepson last Christmas. His birthday was today, so I added a second R9 280X XFX and two additional monitors. The goal is to Crossfire them together to he can play triple monitor games with Eyefinity.


              Here is the build detail:



              I am at my wits end to get Crossfire to work. I've read 100 pages tonight with people suggesting everything from updating the BIOS to completely reinstalling new drivers to some ultra specific pattern of selecting different options in the Catalyst Control Center. And I have tried all of those things. Latest BIOS, completely uninstalled drivers and reinstalled. I've tried every combination I can think of and still the same behavior.


              Also, all the stories I read were about people trying to hybridize video cards or use different models of monitors. But in this case, I have exactly the same video cards and monitors, with identical display settings. I can't see any reason this isn't working unless I'm doing something stupidly wrong. And at this point, I'm hoping that is the problem.


              Extended desktop works perfectly. I have two monitors connected to one card, and the single monitor on the second. I've tried the red port and the black port on both. I've tried two different Crossfire cables. I've tried both Crossfire ports.


              Here's the description. When you engage Crossfire, you either get the dual monitors active and the single loses signal, or the single monitor is active and the dual's lose signal. It's like when you activate Crossfire, the system shuts off the other video card. However, in the Catalyst Control Center, it lists both cards as Link Partners.


              Is there some setting I'm missing, some configuration detail, or some order I need to complete things in order to link both cards?


              If I can provide additional detail like logs, etc, please let me know.


              Thanks for any help you can provide.



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                The power supply capacity is on the lower side. Around 900W would be more suitable.


                The other point to consider is that in Crossfire mode, only monitors connected to the primary card will work.

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                    Aaah... ok. So sounds like I just haven't understood Crossfire technology until now.


                    So bridging the cards allows both to work together in processing, but the ports are only active on the primary card.


                    So in my case, I would need a DP to DVI adapter to attach the third monitor to the primary card, correct? Is there an adapter recommended for Crossfire setups?


                    I can also look into updating the PSU. What are the symptoms of the PSU being underpowered? screen flicker. monitor going off, etc?


                    Thanks for the info.


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                        We have no specific recommendations regarding adapters.

                        I'd suggest you get an adapter and see if it addresses your issue before you invest in upgrading the PSU.

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                            I agree.  Sounds like the adapter setup was wrong.  This build uses just around 600 Watts at full load so it shouldn't cause any issues


                            ref:eXtreme Outer Vision - eXtreme tools for computer enthusiasts

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                                Using the calculator, I come up with a system load of 685 watts. I can definitely see if the system settings were increased to max everything, it might come close to or exceed the limit. But just starting the machine up should easily work.


                                So if the adapter setup is wrong, is there some setup document I can follow? Is there a default process to follow for the setup?  


                                I looked through the documentation which came with the card and there isn't any discussion of Crossfire setup. It is just the basic information about how to install a PCI video card, etc.


                                Is the setup really the problem? From ray_m's comment above, it sounds like the adapter was setup correctly. But I only have 2 out of the 3 monitors connected to the primary card in the Crossfire pairing, so the third/single monitor on the secondary card receives no signal. Therefore, I would need an adapter to connect the third monitor to the primary adapter.


                                Without using any extra adapter, is there a software configuration that would allow the DVI ports on the secondary/slave card in the Crossfire pair to be active and service connected monitors?




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                                    You can find an extensive list of FAQ and other documents relating to Crossfire here

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                                      Oops, i forgot to include the motherboard power. 


                                      There is currently no way to enable video output on the 2nd card if Xfire is enabled on the 280x.


                                      As far as adapters are concerned, i would get an Active MDP to DVI from any major etailer for $20-$30, and that should fix any issues.


                                      The power supply does warrant further testing after the setup is complete.

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                                          Ok that is making the most sense now. I can see how the Crossfire setup would not be able to sync what was happening between both cards and 10-12 ports. Tunneling the signal through a primary card makes sense, even though it requires an extra adapter.


                                          I will order an adapter and give that a test.


                                          Thanks to everyone for the input and assistance.



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                                            Thanks again to all for the input and assistance. We did pick up an Active DP to DVI adapter and it works very well. The PSU seems to be holding steady, although I will make plans to upgrade in the near future. Xmas will be just around the corner.


                                            The performance has been fantastic and he is very pleased with the outcome. Glad we went with XFX.


                                            Take care.


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                                  Greetings Mark !

                                  My XFX HD5970 black edition is still ticking and kicking after all these gaming years... so, thumbs up from me !!!

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                                    Put me down for an XFX Fiji Fury (or actual final name)...performance and rare need for support is the best !

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                                      Hello mark,


                                      my last two cards have been xfx my last upgrade was to the 290 dd. one question yhat I believe I know the answer to.  I hope to get a another 290 but it would be a minute before I can upgrade the power supply. I am currently running a evga 750 gold rated psu. would it be feasible to use that in 290 crossfire until I can upgrade or would I be asking for trouble.




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                                          My 2cents.

                                          Cost of another 290 + new psu .V.  cost of 390X minus what you sell 290 for.

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                                            Hello,  We appreciate your loyalty and reaching out to us before mistakes might be made.


                                            The PSU probably cant handle 2x 290's in Xfire, so that's asking for trouble.


                                            As far as the "390x", we still don't have an official release to talk about future products or even confirm if that exist, so i cannot really comment here.


                                            What are you trying to do with the system and then we can make better strategies to succeed in achieving it?

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                                            Video Corruption XFX 295x2 Screen Flickering - Blue Vertical lines - New Build

                                            This question is Not Answered.(Mark as assumed answered)

                                            Mark PolkDecahertz Jun 13, 2015 7:55 PM

                                            Hello, I was advised by Kingfisher that a XFX tech was on board, so I am sending this to you for some assistance. I have also posted on the ASUS support site at well. Any assistance would be appreciated.


                                            Hello All,
                                            I am having a video corruption problem that I have spent a lot of time attempting to resolve before posting. I have searched every page in this section of the forum and googled this issue for many days and hope that someone can provide me with some direction. This is a new build and I have been building for nearly 20 years, so not quite a noob.

                                            I have checked the cables and replaced them. I have checked with Jonnyguru and seen that my psu is more than adequate at 1000w (EVGA 1000 G2). I uploaded the latest bios, the latest drivers for the card and such. I have checked forums for information on my monitor Crossover 30Q pro and there does not appear to be a problem there as the monitor worked flawlessly with my previous computer and video card. I plug in the video cable (DVI - there is no HDMI or DP for this Crossover monitor) to my older Dell FPW 24 inch monitor and the video is great. Max rez on this monitor is 1600x1200.
                                            On important issue is that I get the blue screen corruption at boot. As soon as the ASUS splash scrren comes up, I note that the blue vertical lines are there. The bios is also this way.
                                            I have also gone into the bios to ensure that the System Agent Configuration is on PCIe. I had it on Auto and that did not make a difference.
                                            I reseated the video card in both slots. No change.
                                            I had initially utilized the on board video until my video card was shipped and used it on my 24 inch Dell with no problems. I did not use it on my Crossover. Once I installed the 295x2 video card, I went into the bios to ensure that it was seeing the card, which it does, and not the internal video.
                                            I have listed everything in my profile for equipment but will do it again here. No unusual hardware or software, and no overclock.
                                            Hero VII Rev 1.xx Bios Ver 2702
                                            I7 4790k
                                            H100 Water cooler Corsair
                                            G Skill Sniper DDR3 F3-2400C11-8GSR 16GB Voltage 1.65
                                            Samsung 850 SSD
                                            WD 3 TB HD
                                            Ihas Dvd-cd rom
                                            XFX 295x2 Hydra Edition Video Card Catalyst 15.5 Beta (I tried the regular one and no help there)
                                            EVGA 1000 w G2
                                            Crossover 30Q Pro at 60 hz
                                            Case Thermaltake GT-10
                                            Windows 7 Ultimate with all updates - clean install


                                            I have attached a few pictures to show what I am seeing on the monitor.

                                            Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, TonytheTiger


                                            Video blue screen 6122015.jpgDesktop Sceen shot 6122015.jpg

                                            Blue Screen Flicker 6132015.jpg

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                                              Hey Mark xfxsupport,

                                              I have a quick question. during a long and daunting exercise of nailing down why my computer keeps booting me out of my games during any random amount of time, I pulled out my 2 R9 270x's (both XFX double D products) and tested them separately. each card was bought roughly 6 months apart. my first card under extreme load only hits to 70c-75c but my newer one hit the max of 101c before pulling back into the mid to low 90's. is this something i should consider an RMA for or is this something I can attempt to reseat the heatsink myself on? on XFX site FAQ it mentions that one can replace the current thermal solution with a customized one without killing the warranty which is what led me to think this could be possible.


                                              at any rate both cards individually work perfectly with no discernable issues for hours of play. its just when I pair them up that I seemingly have any issues. oh and the temps thing is concerning me too


                                              update: apparently after pulling out the card and looking it over carefully/slightly pressing it together in certain areas. there was a sound like something popped into place. I went back and re-tested the new card by itself and now see a max load temp of 79c. redoing my crossfire setup though i'm still running into the same problems with some of my games (tried a new bridge adapter.)

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                                                  We're sorry you are having issues with your card.  The temperature issue is still my main concern... something sounds either loose or lodged in the shroud.  If just 1 card works perfectly all the time, im sure the other card would fail if ran by itself for long enough.  having both cards in Xfire kicks them temperature up in the case as well as limits airflow.  Have you created a support ticket at xfxsupport.com?  please do, i can send out a set of replacement fans or a shroud that should resolve this issue.


                                                  XFX Support

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                                                  I also bought a XFX Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition many years ago (May 2010), great product I've to say.


                                                  It's starting to show it's age but that's just natural. Way to go XFX!

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                                                    Hello! My RX 480 GTR is no posting since 17/04. Tried everithing, I have 2 computers and all the I/O cables at home.

                                                    I've tried:

                                                    1 change I/O cables: 2 Display Port (1.1 and 1.4a), HDMI, DVI. Note: The "old" display port had some bad contact (broken connections). Except DP1.1 all of then worked with XFX RX460, XFX RX480RS.

                                                    2 Reset Motherboard BIOS

                                                    3 Change GPU BIOS Switch

                                                    4 Used all possible combinations between two working pcs (intel and amd).

                                                    5 Booted with RX460 in pair with RX480GTR

                                                    5.1 Windows reconized the RX480GTR

                                                    6 Booted with RX480RS in pair with RX480GTR

                                                    6.1 Run gpu-z RX480GTR none of its readings was working (showing 0) except fan speed.

                                                    6.2 Windows device menanger detects RX480GTR

                                                    7 Contact XFX support (4/17/2018 5:41:22 PM By luistomio Type:0)

                                                    8 Contact XFX support again (today)

                                                    Please, help!