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Can't get any opencl 2.0 samples run from the latest 3.0 SDK.

Question asked by gabest on Dec 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by dipak

The GPU is a R9 270X with the just released driver (14.501.1003-141120a-178000C, 14.12) on Windows 8.1.

When I run the SDK samples:

Platform 0 : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Platform 1 : Intel(R) Corporation

Platform 2 : Intel(R) Corporation

Platform found : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.


Selected Platform Vendor : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Device 0 : Pitcairn Device ID is 0000008F4C7E73D0

Expected Error: Unsupported device! Required CL_DEVICE_OPENCL_C_VERSION 2.0 or higher


Attached the output of clinfo. It still says 1.2.


I'm pretty sure it should be a supported configuration, but it just does not want to work for me since the beta driver 14.5.