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Adobe Premiere Pro CC crashes (locked in power saving mode)

Question asked by asabhy on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2014 by elctr0

Adobe Premiere Pro CC crashes when i drag or try to open any video file

the problem becuase  Adobe Premiere Pro CC is locked on power saving mode in the switchable graphics menu

as the picture below


soo pleaaaaase fix this issue and unlock Premiere Pro CC


i removed amd catalyst driver and Premiere Pro CC worked fine  with the intel hd graphic

so the prolem is from catalyst



laptop info :
dell 5520

i5 3rd generation

4g ram

intel hd 4000

AMD Radeon HD 7670M Series

windows 8.1 64 bit


catalyst version : 13.11
driver  backdging version : 13.25.18-131129a-165580E-ATI

amd catalyst control center version : 2013.1129.1143.20969