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AMD FirePro W600 support for Multiple HDMI Audio channels

Question asked by kegsys on Feb 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2013 by chm

We have a need to drive multiple HDTV class displays from a single FirePro W600 display adapter.

When plugged into a series of HDTVs with miniDP->HDMI adapters only one audio channel appears to be present. When tested independently with only one HDMI cable/adapter/HDTV connected at a time, the setup works for each TV.  What this suggests is that only one HDMI Audio channel is "plugged in" and available at a time. This cannot be correct, so what setting am I missing?

Right from AMD's website: "AMD FirePro™ W600 professional graphics is the most powerful solution available for configuring display walls featuring multiple displays – no other single-slot professional graphics card is capable of driving up to six displays (with independent audio streams), features the latest graphics memory technology for exceptional multimedia performance and only consumes 75W maximum power"


can someone please help?