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Kernel Analyzer, suddenly fails to compile anything, unfixable

Question asked by drallan on Jul 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2012 by drallan

The Kernel Analyzer (1.12), which use regularly, suddenly stopped compiling programs apparently for no reason. It will parse opencl code and find errors as before, but then fails to compile anything beyond that point, ISA or IL, giving only the message.


  1. Failed to compile opencl program.


It's a universal failure, not even empty kernels compile, if fails with all possible combinations of KA settings and all selected drivers. I have completely uninstalled all AMD software, drivers and tools, cleaned the windows 7 registry and reinstalled several versions of display drivers and SDKs. No change. Nothing in the system has changed, except perhaps the installation of the latest display driver v9.00 but I frequently change display drivers.

Compiling and running programs works fine as always. I did find 2 odd clues.


  1. An older shader analyzer works fine.
  2. KernelAnalyzer 1.9 works, but all newer versions 1.10, 1.11, and 1.12 fail.


The difference is that v1.9 and earlier versions do not allow use of the current installed driver to compile, version 1.10 and later do. (yes, I have tried selecting older drivers in the newer analyzers and it does not work).


It seems that somehow the newer versions cannot connect to the drivers/compilers, a link has been broken and no amount of cleaning, uninstalling, or reinstalling can fix it.


Any clues are greatly appreciated!