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Catalyst driver fails on piglit Opengl tests

Question asked by kphillisjr on Jun 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2012 by kphillisjr

Since i read elsewhere in the discussion about the AMD OpenGL drivers not being tested for accuracy often, I decided to go ahead and find a test suite that is freely available that could easily shed light on the areas of the driver that need work. I already know that AMD will probably not issue fixes for the cards that already had the announcement that support will be dropped. It'd be nice if the recently removed cards at least got the basic fixes required to at least pass the accuracy tests provided by the piglit opengl test suite, however that'd be a dream.



Anyways, I went ahead and tested the OpenGL driver on two different computers and found that the driver completely buckled under the series of tests. This should not have happened, however, the fact that the driver actually failed is more troublesome, because these basic tests that are done should not have caused the driver to bug out and crash numerous times.


Test System 1:

Radeon HD5770

Athlon II x4 630

Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P

4GB DDR3 Memory

Linux Mint 13 ( 64-bit ; Ubuntu 12.04 based, Ubuntu/Precise )

Catalyst 12.6 beta and Catalyst 12.6 release.


Test System 2:

Asus K53TA-BBR6 ( Radeon 6720G2 listed, but used apu)

Sabayon Linux 9 ( 64-bit )


Unofficial bug report for linux:


Piglit OpenGL test suite: ( Developers source)


Also, I went ahead and attached the output files from the tests since these offer a ton of information on what needs improvement.

on the quick driver tests using concurrent running on system 1.


1418Total Tests Attempted ( Before System Failure)
8767Total Tests Available ( Dry Run )



Anyways, I know of a few other test profiles for OpenGL using this test suite:




Test Profile Name
5929glsl **
1570glsl-1.1 ***
2192glsl-1.2 ***
1974glsl-1.3 ***
156glsl-1.4 ***
17OpenGL 3 ****
70OpenGL 1.1
47OpenGL 2

* Test Count is gathered by a dry run using

** This was gathered by running the following command: ./ -c 0 -t spec/glsl- -d tests/all.tests all-results

*** This was gathered by running the following command: ./ -c 0 -t spec/glsl-1.[Version number] -d tests/all.tests all-results

**** This is gathered by running the following command: ./ -c 0 -t spec/\!OpenGL\ [Version Number] -d tests/all.tests results