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    Oprofile driver does not support IBS profiling


      I installed CodeAnalyst 3.3 on a Quad-core 9350e Phenom with Ubuntu 11.10, kernel version 3.0.0. I  did the installation form source (not the Debian package). The installation seemed to go seamlessly. However, when I try to run any type of IBS profiling through CodeAnalyst, I get the message "Oprofile driver does not support IBS profiling". When I use opcontrol to run an IBS profile, I get the message "No kernel support for IBS profiling".  My understanding was that Phenom is 10h and hence supports IBS.


      Any suggestions?




      - Apan

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          Hi Apanqasem,

          thanks for using CodeAnalyst.

          for running IBS or Event based profile, you need to install "CodeAnalyst Kernel Module".

          Can you try running "mod_install.sh" script as root? This is present in "src/cakm" folder after extracting CodeAnalyst tarbal.

          Once you run this script, you might have to unload and load oprofile ("opcontrol --deinit" followed by "opcontrol --init").


          Let us know if you still face issues running IBS profile.


          -- Kalyan P

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              Thanks for your input Kalyan P. I did as you suggested and the module seemed to install properly. I then did the --deinit and init. But still got the same error. Below is the output from the cakm build


              (rock)% sudo /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/mod_install.sh WARN : No precompiled kernel driver was found for kernel version "3.0.0-12-generic".

                     The script will now try to match the Linux distribution.

              WARN : Would you like to compile kernel module from source? ([Y]es / [N]o : Default Yes ]


              rm -f *.o oprofile.ko .*.cmd .*.flags *.mod.c

              make -C /lib/modules/3.0.0-12-generic/build SUBDIRS=/opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0 CFLAGS_MODULE+="-DMODULE -DUSE_INTERNAL_ERRATA=0" modules ARCH=x86_64

              make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-3.0.0-12-generic'

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/oprof.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/cpu_buffer.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/buffer_sync.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/event_buffer.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/oprofile_files.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/oprofilefs.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/oprofile_stats.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/timer_int.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/init.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/nmi_int.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/op_model_amd.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/op_model_ppro.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/op_model_p4.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/nmi_timer_int.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/op_ca_css_files.o

                CC [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/op_ca_css.o

                LD [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/oprofile.o

                Building modules, stage 2.

                MODPOST 1 modules

                CC      /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/oprofile.mod.o

                LD [M]  /opt/CodeAnalyst/share/cakm/kernel3.0.0/oprofile.ko

              make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-3.0.0-12-generic'

              ... Backup of oprofile.ko already existed.

              su -c "cp oprofile.ko /lib/modules/3.0.0-12-generic/kernel/arch/x86/oprofile && /sbin/depmod -a"


              * CodeAnalyst kernel module installation is completed.

              * Please reload the kernel module by running:

              *     opcontrol --deinit

              * and then,

              *     opcontrol --init



              (rock)% sudo opcontrol --deinit

              sudo: opcontrol: command not found

              (rock)% sudo /opt/CodeAnalyst/bin/opcontrol --deinit

              Unloading oprofile module

              (rock)% sudo /opt/CodeAnalyst/bin/opcontrol --init