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Does UVD(Unified Video Decoder)in all ATI cards support long-term reference frame ?

Question asked by amd_xg5 on Apr 1, 2012

Hi all,

In spec of most ATI cards, UVD (unified video decoder) is one feature of card. It is used for acclerating video decoding by using hardware. When we try use DXVA 2.0 API on windows to decode 720p MP4 file with LTR, we find there is mosaic in output on ATI cards such as 6950 and so on. But the same code is run well on NVIDIA cards. The phenomenon is happened in code of MPC player which is populer. Here is the ticket . MP4 file with LTR can be download in above ticket.

Does the UVD support LTR(long-term reference frame) in video bit stream?

If support, how to use DXVA 2.0 or set parameters of DXVA for decoding BS with LTR?

If this is problem in implemetation or restrict of DXVA from microsoft, if there other way to fix it or using other API on ATI cards for using hardware decoding?