AMD OpenCL under VMWare ESX

Discussion created by alanricker on Nov 3, 2011
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Is AMD OpenCL supported under WMWare ESX & how do you set it up?

I read this recent blog posting from a person from VMWare on how he got VMWare's ESX hypervisor working with AMD's OpenCL GPU implementation & also with nVidia's CUDA:

The AMD CPU stuff would obviously work, but I'm skeptical that the GPU works.

I'm interested in doing this myself using WMWare Workstation v8 under Windows 7 and LINUX.

Can AMD:


  • Confirm that they have also tested and support this?
  • That the GPU accleration & all features of OpenCL work with no problems?
  • Tell us where the performance hit will be & how much it would be?
  • How I would need to set this up to make it work?
  • Whether it is supported under both Windows 7 & LINUX?
  • What AMD SDK it was tested with, which GPU cards & which AMD drivers?
Thanks in advance for your assistance in this!