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Linux hardware overlay support on Radeon cards

I have a Radeon HD 4670. I installed Redhad Enterprise Workstation (RHEL) 6.1 and the latest HD 4XXX series linux propriority driver. I realized that hardware overlay is not used by the media players (mplayer, totem, vlc...). I forced Mplayer to different play with video output methods (xv, sdl, vaapi...). However, none of them used hardware overlay even if the hardware acceleration was enabled (<%1 cpu usage). Note that if the screen is captured when the hardware overlay is used for video, the video frame is not visible on the captured screen image. Instead, a plain color (usually dark green) area is displayed on the movie frame on the captured screen image.
I would like to know if the hardware overlay feature is not supported anymore on the never AMD Radeon cards (HD 4XXX or never). If it is not, then does the linux propriority driver supports hardware overlays?