Bulldozer: modules, cores, threads

Discussion created by avk on Feb 15, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2011 by Brane2

Hey AMD, there is a muddle in some people's heads. Of course, it'll be nice for you to name your own 4 module / 8 thread Bulldozer as an 8 core CPU, but I believe that this will put a lots of people in confusion. They already have a habit to compare CPUs by core-to-core method, so if you'll continue to name your 4 module / 8 thread Bulldozer as an 8 core CPU, there will be a lots of disappointment like this:

"Heck, my 8 core Bulldozer is slower than 6 core Gulftown. ***?!"

My point is: please stop to name the Bulldozer cores as a cores. Yes, they are almost real cores, so yes, they deserve the "core" term, but this will be your, AMD, very bad marketing mistake. Instead, in case of Bulldozer, replace the "core" term with the "thread", just like this:

"4 modules / 8 threads" instead of "4 modules / 8 cores"

If you, AMD, will do this trick, people will begin to compare Bulldozer with any other CPUs by using their usual "apples-to-apples" (i.e. "cores-to-cores" or, more precisely, "threads-to-threads") method, and from this point of view, your Bulldozer will be more successful.

BTW, if you want to invent a name for your own technology "1 module = 2 cor.. er.. threads", then what about "Double Threading?"