AMD-V support in desktop processors

Discussion created by bvarnai on Feb 7, 2011
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Can I expect AMD-V and IOMMU in a desktop combo?

I have been planning a home brew virtualization server, on a tight budget. Server grade components are out scope, so I have to decide between Intel's VT-x/VT-d or AMD-V/IOMMU. By now it's pretty clear that Intel has carefully positioned it's products, not to make these technologies in easy reach in the mainstream segment of 2ng generation i3/i5 with LGA1155. Intel proved again, why don't like way they do business.

On AMD's website, there is insufficient information on which processors and chipsets are capable. However it states, all processors are AMD-V enabled. I got a few questions to clear things up for the Phenom II line :

  • AMD-V includes IOMMU? Or it's a different chipset feature?
  • AMD-V is supported in alll Phenom II processors?
  • Which chipset support IOMMU? Do I need a supported BIOS?

Thanks! I am lost in the virtualization marketing mess.