Ati downgraded OpenGL support?

Discussion created by VilemOtte on Jan 11, 2011
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I installed Kubuntu few months ago (64-bit version), proprietary driver - all went okay and it supported OpenGL 4.0 (FYI PC where this happened is K52JE notebook).

Few days ago I updated and upgraded system and my eyes were deadly looking at OpenGL 3.2.9756 ... It would be okay (even though I work as graphics developer - and they want HW Tessellation out of me), but I cannot get any extension working - be it through glew or glXGetProcAddress ... I haven't tried SDL, but that is not a way for me to consider.

I hope that someone met similar problem and solved it (hope I will not be reinstalling my notebook again - because it is just that lot in a hurry and I can't afford time to reinstallation).

My colleague suggested to buy NVidia-based notebook, but that is not a way of course, beacuse:
a) I have to develop for both AMD and NVidia
b) I just like AMD a lot more than NVidia

So could somebody please point me to right direction, it might aswell be my fault as driver's fault of course, anyone?