AMD Opteron 270 OpenCL Support

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Opteron OpenCL Support

I'm new to this forum so hello guys and hope we'll get along

I'm using JOCL library to compute 13 500 000 000 000 combinations of kernel with 5 parameters and I'd like to use full power of my box, however there's a problem with support for my CPU's.

Requirements of SDK by AMD for cpu:

"Supported Processors: X86 CPU w/ SSE 2.x or later"

Workstation #1:

2 x Opteron 270 ( Supports SSE 1, 2 & 3 )

Asus K8N-DL

Geforce 9600GT

Windows 7 32 bit

Stream SDK 2.2 ( most recent)

GPU caps says my cpu doesn't support OpenCL and I get CL_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND when trying to run my app on CPU only

(notice that GPU and ALL modes works)

What might I do wrong that CPU isnt supported?