ATI Stream with NVIDIA GPU

Discussion created by zkhan on Sep 14, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2010 by Illusio

I posted this on the ATI Stream forum, but perhaps I'll have more luck here.

On my Win7 Intel machine, I previously had an ATI Radeon GPU. I could use the ATI Stream SDK to run OpenCL on both the CPU and GPU.

Now I have swapped out my Radeon for GeForce (need to make sure I can support both platforms) and I can't seem to get OpenCL working on both the GPU and CPU.

I need to install the NVIDIA drivers to get OpenCL on the GPU, but obviously they do not support the Intel CPU. When I install the ATI Stream SDK, it somehow conflicts with the NVIDIA installation and I lose OpenCL support on the GPU.

To be more clear: if I install NVIDIA last, I have OpenCL on GPU, but not CPU. If I install ATI Stream last, I have have OpenCL on CPU, but not GPU. I guess the OpenCL.dlls are overwriting each other in the Windows\system32 directory? Isn't one of the goals of OpenCL for me to be able to use these devices concurrently?

Are there steps I can take such that I can have the ATI Stream SDK installed to use OpenCL on the CPU and the NVIDIA driver installed to support OpenCL on the GPU?