Can't compile glibc-2.12.1 with open64-4.2.4

Discussion created by Brane2 on Aug 21, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2010 by santosh.zanjurne

I compiled kernel successfully with new open64 version 4.2.4, but when I tried to compile glibc-2.12.1, it failed during config phase while checking linkers features, with the message that linker needs to support relro option: 



checking for libunwind-support in compiler... no

checking for -z nodelete option... yes

checking for -z nodlopen option... yes

checking for -z initfirst option... yes

checking for -z relro option... no

configure: error: linker with -z relro support required




I remember having some snag with binutils when emerging new glibc on my system ( I have Gentoo Linux) - IIRC I had to update binutils to latest version.

Does this mean that latest built-in linker in open64 doesn't have neccessary support and if so, when can we expect the update ?