ATI 5870 OpenCL problems

Discussion created by Grimm on Aug 12, 2010
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I'm setting up an OpenCL developement box that has the following configuration:


Fedora 13 Linux

quad core i7 930 CPU

nVidia 9400 GT

nVidia GTX480

ATI HD 5870


So far OpenCL can see both nVidia GPUs and the CPUs, but nothing I do will allow it to see the 5870.


My plan is to use the 9400 as my display GPU and leave the 5970 and the 480 as just compute GPUs.  My goal is to have a nice developement/test box where I can run on and test both ATI and nVidia GPUs, old and new GPUs, etc.  I did a search in the forum about this and it looks like that at this time it is not possible to have this configuration.  I have installed the latest drivers, etc.  Is this something that will be fixed soon?  Or is there a work around?  Non of the solutions I have found work for my setup.  Thanks,