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Access your data and design anywhere with Autodesk® Inventor® and Amazon EC2 G4ad Instances

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Amazon EC2 G4ad Instances certified for Autodesk® Inventor®

Cloud-based and hybrid-cloud models are critical to evolving enterprise IT infrastructure, to support growth for on-premise and remote staff. Virtual Workstations delivered via the cloud make it possible for employees to be productive anywhere. Accessing critical digital tools and data using almost any device, staff can work as effectively from the office or remotely., One notable exception has been workers who require high-performance, graphics-accelerated workstations that power demanding 3D workloads such as product design and manufacturing.

That is all changing, Amazon EC2 G4ad instances make it possible to deliver high-performance, productive workstation-class experiences from the cloud. Powered by the 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ CPUs and AMD Radeon™ PRO V520 GPUs, Amazon G4ad instances accelerate design and engineering processes from 2D/3D drawings and 3D modelling, to rendering and simulation. Design engineers who work with the latest Autodesk® Inventor® 2021 software, can now move to the cloud with confidence as Autodesk Inventor is now certified for G4ad instances. Visit Autodesk to view now. AWS and AMD will continue the certification process with the latest versions of Inventor.



Workstation-caliber performance in the cloud

Autodesk certification means that as your business transitions mechanical or product design workflows, simulation, and tool creation pipelines to the cloud, workers receive the same high levels of reliability, support, and performance from their cloud instances as they’d expect from a physical workstation.


Viewport rendering with Radeon™ ProRender

The AMD Radeon ProRender plug-in for Inventor enables users to easily create photorealistic, physically based ray-traced renders of Inventor assemblies and parts and gives a higher quality render of what the user sees in the Inventor viewport. This is a time-saving aid that helps to enhance interim design reviews. A single click within Inventor takes advantage of GPU acceleration using the Radeon PRO V520 GPU built into the EC2 G4ad virtual machines. Executing this in the cloud helps ensure a high-performance experience for users regardless of device or location.




Powering PDM team collaboration from the cloud

One of the powerful benefits of moving design workflows to the cloud is that all work and data remain in the cloud. Designers, engineers, and supply chain partners easily collaborate without repeatedly having to synchronize or share large datasets.

With both data and applications stored in the AWS cloud, the only thing that moves to a local device are encrypted pixel data used to generate the display on the user’s screen. Sensitive project data never needs to be distributed, helping make it more secure.  

Autodesk-based design pipeline is about more than individual Inventor users. G4ad instances powering Autodesk Inventor integrates seamlessly with Autodesk Vault data management software to track work and preserve version control among team members. With the applications and VM resources in the cloud, and no need to download data to local user devices, you can expect fewer synchronization errors and confidence that the entire team is always working with the latest data, anywhere, providing the opportunity to have teams in multiple geographies all immediately synchronized.  

The combination and seamless integration of Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Vault simplifies version control to boost productivity and enhance collaboration among local and remote teams. With Autodesk Inventor on G4ad, data, project management, and processes are straightforward and reliable with dispersed teams. Centrally managed, collaborative design and manufacturing processes are much more efficient compared to a decentralized IT infrastructure with a dispersed team working from local workstations. Teams seamlessly communicate changes and modifications of the project data from multiple locations without having to sync up large datasets before a design/review session.


Technology that adapts to your bottom line

With five different sizes of Amazon EC2 G4ad instances available, your business can dial in the optimal cost-performance balance on a per-user basis to suit the varying needs of different remote workstation users. For the first time, companies can turn to Amazon EC2 G4ad instances to free their professional design workflows--and people--from the limitations of anchored-in-place, on-premise desktop workstations. 

Instance SizevCPUsMemory (GB)GPUStorage (GB)Network Bandwidth (Gbps)EBS Bandwidth (Gbps)
g4ad.xlarge4161150Up to 10Up to 3
g4ad.2xlarge8321300Up to 10Up to 3
g4ad.4xlarge1662160010 Up to 3


Businesses can scale their deployments up and down as business demands change over time. Global enterprises can further adopt a ‘follow the sun’ approach to resource utilization to make 24/7 use of their G4ad resources.  Precision access controls make it possible for a company to add and remove team members with granular control over what data individual users can view, modify, or delete.


Implementation is easy as 1...2...3

AMD processor-powered G4ad instances make it easy to begin your move to the cloud. We’ve even published a three-step guide to help IT people create their first Windows® virtual machine on G4ad. No specialized cloud experience is required to centrally provision and manage the compute resources needed to provide workers with a smooth, high-performing Autodesk Inventor experience from the cloud.

With Autodesk Inventor certification, companies can embrace modem, cloud-first workflows with confidence. They get the familiarity of their trusted application environment, the reliability that comes with Amazon’s global EC2 cloud infrastructure, and the exceptional cloud-ready performance of AMD EPYC CPUs and AMD Radeon GPUs.




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