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Hi i am asd (atisum spectrum disoder) young adult whit a hip [high intellectuel potential], lots of dream, projet and idee for a better world. I am a pc entusiat since 2012 and AMD fans since 2018 when i buy the ryzen 5 2600x. Dream to work as a enginer at amd or asus and/or be a proffetional overcocker for the Red team or asus or advence the right or human race and make thing easyer or other autisum/aspeger like me to find a job on what the are good at and what all ther best knowledge are to help the human race to stay alive in the future. I am like a diamond in the gravel or maybe like anti-mater in the gravel. i have a stage in a computer shop but canot have a job to repair and assemble the computer in the shop, studie to have my DES or evivalence to working full time job ther. I kwon what i can and what a can't do, computer is what i can and studie not. :,(
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