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Journeyman III

Problems with Unreal 5.1

Hello guys!
I'm having problems with the materials preview window in UE5.1. can anybody help me?
It might be interesting for me to say that I'm using an RX6600 GPU. And I know that there is a warning in red saying that my memory is exhausted, but this problem persists in scenes without objects, or new scenarios, created from "zero". I've also done tests with AA and disabled the lumen, but the error continues!Csd.png

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Journeyman III

Hi Heider

Our studio found the RX6600 GPU pretty stable for UE4.27 - UE5.1 if we kept a really tight reign on the number of textures in play.  The GPU memory of this card can run out pretty quickly if you have a lot of textures in the level, sub-level or pending level sequences (the warning you point to suggests there are lots in play). Also - UE can dramatically blow out the cost of a texture if it has been mis-sized (eg, power of 2 issues) or there is some other fault with the texture.  You can check (correct and modify) texture costs in UE thru menu item  Tools:Audit:Statistics (left corner select Texture Stats).

Cheers Peter