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uProf IBS disabled on Windows 10 Ryzen 5 3600


When trying to profile an application on my Windows 10 system I am told that IBS is not enabled in my BIOS.

As there is no options in my BIOS to enable IBS I have contacted my motherboard vendor (TUF B450). They told me that on my cpu (Ryzen 5 3600) IBS is enabled by default.

Should i press my vendor for more information or is there a problem on uProf's side ?

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Re: uProf IBS disabled on Windows 10 Ryzen 5 3600

Hi @Tackwin ,

In the command prompt, please run the below command and let us know the output you get:

C:\> cd C:\Program Files\AMD\AMDuProf\bin

C:\Program Files\AMD\AMDuProf\bin> AMDuProfCLI.exe info --system

This can show if IBS enabled/disabled in the processor.

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